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3. More. Weeks. (Till IMAGINE Music Festival)


     Man, oh man! We’ve never raved and partied so hard until this summer! After attending so many great shows and festivals, we’re getting ready for our next incredible experience as Imagine Music Festival is not but three weeks away!

    Peep the line up below while we fill you in on some of the artists that we’re looking forward to the most!



     We’re big supporters of robotic Dubstep and everything that revolves around the movement. Firepower Records is making waves at Imagine this year and their presence is stronger than ever. One of the three artists from the roster includes the insane dubbed out trio, Terravita. Check the madness out for yourself and listen to some tracks off their release, the Gunpowder EP


     Come on, this incredible electronic duo hails from the city of Atlanta, and you know the Charlotte Sessions has a deep appreciation for the south and all the great musicians that come out of it. The production duo also features a live violin, dubbing Skymatic’s genre as Violin Bass. A new, distinct concept that we would absolutely love to see live. After missing out on their silent disco set at Counterpoint, we’ve mad sure to put Skymatic on our schedule. Enjoy their new remix to Darling by Said the Sky.


    Making moves in the underground trap scene since the explosion of the genre that happened just a few years ago, Buku, among a few other exceptional trap producers has been on my “To See Kill Shit Live” list for quite some time. We’re really excited to see all aspects of this year’s imagine festival, and the trap shows are some of the shows we’re truly stoked for. Here’s a new track from the Pittsburgh powerhouse that is Buku. This is Might Be off the same titled EP.



     The live electronic band, that’s right I said it, electronic band from Tennessee will be making an appearance at Imagine to rock out with the Atlanta crowd. Producing funky beats by use of guitars, drums, synths are generally what go into the making of this instrumental electronic/rock band. Zoogma is bound to be a trip. We’ll definitely be taking a break from the headbanging to enjoy some soulful tracks. Here’s a cool mashup by Zoogma called Hotel CrunkafoniaI promise you Biggie’s bouncing in his grave just as hard as you are.

ill.GATES vs KJ SAWKA! –

     I hope we have some Drum n Bass fans in the house, because when these two maniacs hit the stage, they mean business. We’re talking about the infamous ill.Gates along with the dope drummer off the live Dubstep band, Destroid, KJ Sawka. A native from Kelowna BC, the birthing ground of so many amazing Dubstep producers, KJ Sawka has become an exceptionally skilled drummer who fuses his talents with the likes of electronic music, creating the most literal concept of “Drum n Bass.” Here is KJ Sawka’s 50K Remix. Get ready to bounce. Hold on, let’s not forget about ill.Gates. The San Francisco producer has been making moves in the electronic music scene for years now. I remember seeing a poster for an ill.Gates show in Greensboro NC back in 2012 that I really regret not going to. But these things happen. Here’s an dope Action Bronson remix collab with Wick-it The Instigator called Get Off My. Are you ready to jam?

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Tune in next week to find the next five artists that we’re looking forward to seeing at this year’s Imagine Music Festival. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, grab a ticket here!


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–   Zyven





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