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[New Music] Mark The Beast – ILWTD (Mantis Remix)

      Can you deny the fact that reading Mantis and 6 days on your Soundcloud feed screen brings out giddy feelings of joy and excitement? No sir, no ma’am, no Felicia. Taylor and Paul of the super Bass duo Mantis have recently cooked up a spicy new banger for the infamous UK record label, Circus Records. Home to the likes of Cookie Monsta and Flux Pavilion, Circus Records doesn’t know the meaning of bad music, they’re all about the quality.

     Mantis is known for their heavy style, they have a slight preference for Deathstep but this doesn’t hold the duo back from dabbling in other genres. The two can pretty much make anything. We hope to hear Mantis’ newest Remix of Mark The Beast and Seids live one of these days, just for them to make some funky drop and transition that joint. There’s nothing better than a good Mantis set out. Check out the ATL duos’ newest remix of  “In Love With the Devil“, below.

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