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SPENT Entertainment Presents: SQUNTO at L4 Lounge 2.18.17

Folks let us tell you five reasons
, right here, right now, as to why you should attend SQUNTO this Saturday at L4 Lounge in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  1. He’ll rock you f*ckin’ socks off.
    SQUNTO is known for developing some of the most intricate 4-8 track chop strategies that you’ll ever see in a live setting. It’s actually quite fun watching his hands flawlessly control each channel while a crowd of hundreds of kids crank their necks.
  2. His visuals are always fun.
    SQUNTO typically uses some kind of unique visuals for each show he performs. Maybe he’ll slap on some fire breathing dragons while also meshing them in with his Chop Cam, which is neatly set up in a manner that can record his hands while he.. Chops!

SQUNTO Crowds are Always Fun
Even though we’ve only seen the Don once. We know that Squnto fans are always kind and caring, yet can rage harder than
 4. Riddim is awesome.
SQUNTO the Bass Dragon has crafted some filthy, filthy Riddims in his lifetime: “Sayim,” “Ammo” “Sion.” These are just few of many tracks that make Squnto the glorious producer that he is today.
5. He’s all about spreading positivity.
The Massachusetts bred producer has dubbed his fan base the Dragonsquad, which is designed for individuals like you and me to spread positivity, speak about our inner conscious and the spirit within us, while empowering one another to do better in life. At least that’s just a portion of what the group was really created for. It’s a tight community and we’re proud to see it flourish the way it has.

Make sure you grab your friends, loved ones, and your pet chinchilla, cause this show is going to be gnarly and everyone deserves to be there. Make sure you’re at L4 Lounge this Saturday at 10:00 PM to catch the madness. SQUNTO WE CAN’T WAIT FOR YOUR CHOPS SIR.

Sayim chop ???

Posted by SQUNTO on Thursday, February 16, 2017

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