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When A Florida Man Hits Imagine Festival [Festival Review]

The Most Memorable Festival Day Ever

      This beautiful Saturday began with the smell of eggs, bacon, and herbs in the air at the Atlanta Motor Speedway which held the infamous Imagine Music Festival.  I attended Imagine with friends who, after all these years, I can comfortably call family.  We also took in another soul named Zyven who lives for the music and festival experience that many of us cherish so much. As some of you may know, the Carolina native goes to festivals and writes about DJs and the experiences him and fellow bass heads encounter. My new friend from Charlotte became family within five minutes of us meeting. The crew and I, who drove up from St. Petersburg, Florida, were glad he was friendly enough to say hey to our buddy Omar who was taking a leak in the bushes directly next to his car. After Omar, who happens to be a professional chef by trade, cooked us up an a delectable breakfast, we began got the day started with some natural remedies and ice-cold brews.

       Soon  after, once we were nice and ready, we geared up for our trek to the festival grounds and prepared ourselves for an incredible day. We waited in line for about two hours but we were all feeling great, so waiting around and talking to new people was easy for us. Our buddy Mark was stoked to see Nora En Pureand thankfully we made it in time to catch the Zurich based House producer play some melodic vibes for her fans. Her new track Fever sounded flawless through the Disco Inferno’s rockin’ sound system.  so that was the first set we went to see. We walked right up at the beginning of her set and enjoyed a nice front row view as Nora engulfed us in amazing music and visuals.

Fan Photo shot by Christopher Colombus

     As soon as Nora’s set was over, we made our way to the main stage, known as Oceania – I was not prepared for what was to come next. We got to the scene just in time to catch Sacramento based duo Hippie Sabotage. These guys absolutely blew my friends and I away with their energy and one of a kind set. Their unique sound mixed in with some timely crowd surfing on to of us throwing one of the guys in the air, worshiping him like some Greek god, made this a fun experience for all of us. Also, some funny lookin’ dude tried to crowd surf, but he was dropped twice by the reckless Imagineers. Hippie Sabotage dropped Drifter,” “A Million Records,” and some hype song with what sounded like ninja swords being swung. This was the most enjoyable set I’ve ever witnessed! I felt more at peace with the world than ever – I was in touch with Hippie Sabotage, it was just them, the amazing sound waves visuals, and me.

      The night was far from over, after Hippie Sabotage we went to the Aeria stage to witness an incredible Netsky experience. Ironically, my friend Sky told me about Netsky, and Zyven encouraged that I check out his set too – so I was already pumped for the new experience, but had no idea what I was about to hear. My description of Netsky would have to a cyborgs interpretation of Dubstep. It was like a computer with Windows 95 got drowned in water – making it go went haywire in the best way possible. Or it could have been Steve Jobs DJing from the grave, but who knows? It was magical, the Belgian producer’s set was unlike anything that I’ve ever heard before – I left supremely satisfied.

      Afterwards, we went back to the main stage to catch the British OG, Flux Pavilionwho I saw earlier this year with JPhelpz. The energy that the Circus Records veteran carried out through his set was amazing. It was absolutely his best set yet. But then some girl randomly took our mustache and Cuban flag and soon after, I lost my group. I was tired by now, but I stuck around and enjoyed a fantastic Deadmau5 set from the benches for a good while – but then I felt the pool calling my name, so I headed over there to enjoy rest of his set. I met some super chill people at the pool dressed like Furries. Needless to say, the whole day was an absolute blast – the rest of the night is history. (P.S. On Sunday we got in within 10 minutes and found our flag.) Thanks for Reading!

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