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A Discovery a Day Keeps the Riddim BOOMING: Smal B

Ladies and gentlemen, I sit here in front of you today with some very special Riddim news that deserves to be shared around swamps. A few weeks ago, Quebec’s very own silent bass killer, MOTUS, reached 10,000 followers on SoundCloud, and naturally, a celebratory live stream took place where fans of MOTUS and the Monsters Crew gathered around to celebrate the Sherbrooke star’s newest achievement. But what came out of this live stream was something completely unexpected – my discovery of Montreal bass tyrant, Smal B.
     I nearly lost my head when I came across his adubile bass cannon, “Monkey Madness” played out on the live stream. There was something about the way Smal B put together the various wompy sounds that make up this filthy Riddim banger, it’s almost as if he was calling me to rage without even knowing who I am. The differing users of the photon phaser and whatever other alien devices that Smal B may have found in his last expedition through his DAW, give this tune that snazzy outer realm, cosmo friendly vibe that we all love in our Dubstep. Hold on to your seats folks, because the moment you hit play, you might end up in a hidden Mars rave cave, throwing down the grimiest hand chops and hip hops that this universe has ever come to know.

Since the day I discovered my very first SMAL B tune, the twenty two year old producer has managed to cook up a few new crunchy bangers worth sharing with you good folks on the Charlotte Sessions Support Squad! This first one is a special heater titled “Ancient Magicks” featuring the likes of Suray Sertin from Montreal.

Last but certainly not least…


The MOTAR DUBZ collab: “Metal Switch” .

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SMAL B gettin’ BIG! 

– Zyven

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