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A Few Reasons why Datsik’s Ninja Nation Tour Will be Worth Every Penny [BONUS EP NEWS]

(Datsik & The Vortex 3.0 at the Fillmore, Charlotte – 2015)

     Ladies and gentlemen, do my eyes and ears deceive me? It’s that time of the year. Here in the south we like to call it “Datsik Season” because everyone’s favorite Firepower Records OG is making his southern tour run once again. Not only is Datsik going on 55+ city run, the Kelowna, British Columbia native just released a brand new, seven track EP called Master of Shadows, which is set to have speakers rattling all over the world commencing on January 12th. This is some serious news here people. The Ninja Nation Tour has been coming to Charlotte since 2015, and since that was literally the first show where used my camera for “professional” purposes, I can’t miss this tour no matter what. Even if there was a category 10 earthquake, I’d be walking around potholes to a city near you to, just to catch the Datsik, his incredible visual installment known as the Shogun and this sexy line up.     

    That’s right folks. Datsik has a nasty lineup set up for this year’s tour, are you ready for this? We’ve got the bass monster from the stratosphere, Space Jesus, the Chicago raised badminton, the one and only Carbin, the cold yet massive vibes created by the maker from Antarctica, Wooli, the infectious style of Texas’ very own Riot Ten, and the dangerous, deep sea sounds of the scurvy ridden Swage. Needless to say, this tour is stacked, and if you’ve been around since the Bear Grillz and ETC! ETC! days (or even further back for the Most Wanted Tour stop that hit Charlotte on Halloween in 2013, with Funtcase, Antiserum and Cookie Monsta, *still kicking myself in the butt for being in town and not making it to the show*), then you will DEFINITELY not want to miss out on this one. Not to mention, the tour is also bringing along the infamous, bone rattling vibes that are created whenever PK Sound equipment is used. Below is a list of all the tour stops, make sure to check it out! We’re praying that one of the blank dates will reveal Charlotte, as Datsik has not been here since he performed during Cinco de Mayo (Click Here for the Review) for our homies over at Soma Entertainment.

    You can definitely catch someone from The Charlotte Sessions Family at a stop in Florida, Virginia, Washington D.C. Denver, Madison, Toronto, and certainly somewhere in the Northeast. You’ll know who they are, they usually rage the hardest.

    What else, aside from the Ninja Nation Tour,  has the world shifting in catastrophic degrees at this very moment? Datsik’s brand new EP, the Master of Shadows, which graciously features an immense amount of creative variety within the structure and design of the EP. From start to finish, the seven track EP  makes its listeners feel like they’re in a live action Naruto Movie, swiftly going through the motions of life that allow us to unleash our inner Ninja. The introductory track Pressure Plates” lays a great foundation for the entire project as Datsik marvels through a series of sounds that range from dance, to funk, to classical, to heavy wobbles that all smoothly make one hell of a track. That is, before German nightmare Virtual Riot comes into play on the second tune of the EP, “Warriors of the Night,” and maliciously helps Datsik distinguish how a Ninja and Samurai operate differently through a series of intensifying drops, growls, and Eastern themed guitar strokes.

 But then, one of the craziest tunes of the EP kicks you in the face as the production styles of monstrous Belgium Bass duo Ganja White Night and the vocals of Vegas based rapper Truth Rabb. Stick around for the second drop and get familiar, I can see a lot of DJs playing the tune “Bad Behavior” out. All the sudden, a dark, cave drip atmosphere is painted on sight before the eerie vocals of a ninja master strike your speakers “You’ve forgotten me, I bet you thought that I was dead, well did you recognize my technique? I guess you thought that you’d escape.” Before Firepower Records brother in arms JPhelpz knocks down the door with a roaring drop on the heater “Ronnin Riddim.” 

(JPhelpz, the Biggup King slaying Greensboro, N.C. for Create.)

     The fifth tune, “You’ve Changed” is one of those thinking tunes where you picture that group of people “that are still on the same sh*t” as the unknown rapper on the tune proclaims, but it still kicks. But nowhere near as hard as the second, unexpected Virtual Riot collab called “Freakuency.”  I like it much more than Warriors of the Night, probably because of the sound structure, and that’s saying a lot. The final track of the EP may have you moving in tears as all the great memories from Lost Lands Music Festival immediately take into play. You’ll soon find yourself listening to the magical, bass heavy styles of one of my all time favorites, Excision, along with Lost Lands OG, the Dutch youngin’ who just can’t seem to stop making good music. Why would he? The three producers make exceptional music when they join forces. You can listen to “Find Me” below.

     How’s that for a tour reminder? From Florida to NYC, the Kelowna native is hitting all the major stops. Where will The Charlotte Sessions see you raging at next? Send us a message on Facebook or Twitter so we can get together and HEADBANG.

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