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A Kid Called Finn Brings Sound Waves To Life With “Riddim & Bullshit”

It’s all because of a man named Curtis. A wild spirit that roams around the back country roads of Charlotte, North Carolina, better known as ScaryPoppins, didn’t know what he was getting into whenever he posted a song by an artist named A Kid Called Finn. When I hit that play button for the first time, I was amazed at the savagery that was unfolding throughout the entirety of that tune (listen to “Breakfast” to understand what I’m sayin’ over here.) I was left in shock. I love discovering new producers, but without Curtis, I’m not sure when I would have eventually stumbled upon this Detroit native. There are so many great artists out there! I’m hoping that this piece helps Finn find new supporters, especially after hearing his Charlotte Sessions Audio debut below!

RIDDIM & BULLSHIT” is a true example of what the world is looking for in their next favorite, high knees and Riddim claw inducing banger. If you have ever found solace in the lyrics of iconic New York City rapper, the Notorious B.I.G.’s and his anthem “Party & Bullshit”, or if you consider yourself a true fanatic of high intensity, inner-demon-calling Riddim, then you probably lose your absolute mind when you hear what A Kid Called Finn has managed to create. Which drop was your favorite? I’m leaning towards numero dos! We hope you enjoy the heck out of this tune!

You can purchase “RIDDIM & BULLSHIT” HERE along with six other creations by the insanely talented Riddim Robots here. All proceed are being donated to DASH Mentoring of the Life Connections of the Carolina’s located in Charlotte!

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– Zyven (The Riddim Professor)

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