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A Look at the Life of AOWL [Exclusive Interview]

 There’s a natural process that every growing DJ goes through: explore Soundcloud, discover incredible new music, buy the tune or grab the free download, throw it in a mix and see what kind of routines you can come up with. One fateful night, as I was exploring the many incredible sounds of REJACK, I was lucky enough to discover his remix of a filthy tune created by Colorado’s very own AOWL, titled “Bomb Time“, and it quickly became one of my favorite tunes to mix with. But this wasn’t the first time that I had come across the strange name, AOWL, while exploring unique new music online – as a matter of fact, AOWL has collaborated with longtime Charlotte Riddim veteran, Crowell, a few times in the past, successfully creating massive tunes such as the legendary “Scorpion” and one of my all time favorites, “Shadow Clone Jutsu“. AOWL will always be considered one of the key staples that has helped this filthy underground Dubstep community grow and prosper to the level that it’s at today, and we are extremely honored to have him open up to us about his life! Without furhter ado, we present you the exclusive AOWL Interview – Master of Disaster!

The Charlotte Sessions: What’s going on brother, thank you for saying yes to this interview! How are you feeling today?

AOWL: Feeling great actually! Hit the gym early this morning, knocked out some grocery shopping and just kicking back now. How about yourself?
TCS: Embracing the fact that school has started back up! I’ve been dying to know, is your production moniker secretly an acronym? Or are you just a huge fan of the furry, night time, mouse loving ave?
AOWL: Furry tails and hentai are my road! Nah but, nothing really big about my name. Owls are some of the fiercest predators out there and I admire that. Also represent wisdom. So I took an A and threw it on Owl.
TCS: Fair enough! We’ll overlook that hentai comment. A while back you made a tune with French badmon Samplifire called “Don’t Care”. How did your relationship with this heavy hitter begin?
AOWL: I believe the same way most of my friendships start, on Facebook. I was a huge fan of his music and had been following for quite a while. Added him and then started up a conversation!

TCS: That’s also how I’ve come to know him! Thank you Zuck. Where are you from originally? Did your hometown influence your musical endeavors in any way?
AOWL: Originally from a small place called Orangefield, Texas (I hate this place). It was a small christian country place so I just never fit in. I wouldn’t say it influenced me, it wasn’t until I moved to Colorado when I discovered that the same music I loved was actually a big thing in Colorado and that’s what really influenced and drove me to where I am.
TCS: Texas! That’s far! How long have you been crafting Bass music?
AOWL: It’s been just about 7 years now! 5 1/2 of those were in the military. It’s been a long journey so far but this is only the start. I’m happy to be able to spend all of my time on my music when I leave the military.
TCS: Thank you for your service brother! What made you want to join the military brother? I know everyone has their own special reason for joining!
AOWL: At the time I was 18, my job was shit, I was doing some drugs that I shouldn’t have been doing. So one day drove to the recruiter and a few weeks later I’m on a plane to basic training.. 220 days till I’m done! I couldn’t be happier!

TCS:  We’re rooting for you! So what’s your typical process whenever you’re mentally ready to start working on another tune?


AOWL: I actually have a very strict ritual when I’m feeling up for making tunes. First thing I eat a meal, gotta make sure my stomach is satisfied for a few hours. Second I take a shower to get clean and to get additional creative juices flowing. Third I fill up my hydroflask full of water so I don’t get parched. Fourth I pick a wax scent for my tart warmer and turn on my christmas lights for mood. Then I get down with it!
TCS: Now that’s a wholesome process! What kind of music did you grow up listening to? What kind of tunes were your folks sharing with you?
AOWL: I grew up mostly on 80s rock, both my parents were hair metal heads. A few tunes I still listen to today are “Whitesnake – Still of the Night”, “Van Halen – Panama”, and “Mötley Crüe – Kickstart My Heart”.

TCS: Thank your parents, because those are some gems! What’s your daily routine like?
AOWL: Monday – Friday is the same pretty much every week. 6am I wake up, I spend about an hour in my studio just working on tunes or sound design. 7 rolls around I’ll shower and get ready for work. From 8 – 5:30 or 6 I’m slaving away to the Army. For lunch about 11:30, I hit the gym till about 12:30 then head back to work and eat. Once I get off, I hop in the shower, eat and chill mostly. Sometimes the military just mentally exhausts me and I don’t feel like making tunes. Which sucks. Some days once I get off I’m in the studio for at least 3 or 4 hours. Which is nice!
TCS:  Keep up the boss moves! Can you tell us anything about your tune “Bomb Time”? I can’t be the only one who loves mixing with this heavy hitter.
A: I remember making this tune like it was yesterday. I was going through a bit of writers block at the time. One day I just had enough of it and I told myself I’m going to make a banger today. So that’s what I did. The second I sat down the planets and stars aligned. I made these crazy weird lasers that just happened and these noises that just fit with the lasers so well. Thus “Bomb Time” was made. I still bump that tune till today. Some of my favorite work, I’m glad that you enjoy it so much.

TCS: It’s AMAZING! Now that 2018 is over, my friend, what kind of plans do you have for AOWL? Any special projects or performances?
A:  I might finally debut in Seoul which would be absolutley insane but nothing is set in stone. I have a lot of stuff for 2019! Have an EP I’m finishing up along side a Deathcore EP with a friend of mine I met here in Korea. Other than those big ones, I’ll just be releasing some free tunes periodically till the EP release.
TCS: What’s your favorite Caprisun flavor? Follow up 90s question, who was your favorite member off Rocket Power?
AOWL: My favorite flavor is one that I’ve actually only seen in Korea called “Fairy Drink” I don’t know what’s in it but damn it’s really good! Otto Rocket for sure. The man is a beast at everything he does. I admire that!
Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us brother! It’s been mad fun!
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