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A Mission to Mars [New End of the Century EP BANGER]

My friends, today is a very special day. It’s sunday and you’ve successfully made it to the last day of the first week, of the new decade! If that isn’t a reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is. But today I wanted to share a special project that I recently put out with a group of producers that I really look up to, who have a really successful time creating sounds that would fit under the Experimental Bass umbrella. Now introducing: a Mission to Mars.

Tune Numero Uno: Dredlok Abduction

Tune Number Two: shwiLLy & Double-TChokehold

Melodie Nummer Drei: BroMosapien Take It Back

曲番号四 (Tune Number Four): Draco X Sektr – “Oculyst

آهنگ شماره پنج (Tune number Five): Juwu x Snakko – “Wumanji

Canção Número Seis: Malicious – “Bounty Hunter

The concept behind this project was based around the idea that, while our bodies are located here on earth, it never hurts to imagine what it would be like to be bouncing around the cosmos, having a good time playing with space rocks. One day I’ll be listening to wubs on Mars, and so will you (if that’s something you desire, of course). a Mission to Mars features the first six songs that I’m going to blast to the martians once I make it to the red planet. I’m blessed to say that our record label, Charlotte Sessions Audio, has released three incredible projects due to the help of several friends and respected artists.

We’re not slowing down, and we’re never stopping. So you the people! Please never stop supporting and sharing 🙂 We appreciate every single one of you who reads our stories and bumps our friends’ tunes. The Charlotte Sessions is a community – a platform for helping the underground reach deserving ears. We’re just getting started.

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– Zyven (The Riddim Professor)

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