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A Riddim Poem: French Canada & SpaceGhost

How do I put this Montreal SpaceGhost concert in short and sweet terms?

With a shitty poem.

Earlier this year
I had no fear
A Riddim Machine was properly warned.

That a man from Charlotte, no wiser than a harlot
Would soon be knocking down his door.

So I asked the Ghost

From Outerspace
If he would play Riddim
In an intimate place.

But he said eh
So I said okeh
Let’s give it some time my friend.

Pt ii.

December came
And SpaceGhost changed
His location and his eager mind.

A short flight from Vancouver to Montreal,
His Riddim moves would soon make Quebec shine. 🚀

We all showed up to Le Belmont
To dance and have a mighty good time.
All my friends were looking like dimes
Enjoying the best days of their lives 🙏

Smal B and Motus were incroyable
Frozen was slaying the beats
Fucking Stokes from Lachine was very wild
And Le Chapeau was dishing the heat.

Upon the hour
Of watching Dxvour
Rip the heads off everyone’s tiny neck.

I realized it was soon time
To get on stage
And stretch and wave
And commit a few Riddim crimes ☠️

Merci Zeydax,
Merci Glodz,
Merci Fullfvce,
Merci Lili yo.

Je T’aime Quebec
What the hey
What the heck
When will I see you again?
– Zyven (Le Riddim Professor)

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