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A Special Interview With MOTAR [Ecuador’s Finest]

We live in a world that thrives on culture and diversity – in a world where hundreds of thousands of musicians around the world showcase their talents that often enough, are inspired by the town that they grew up in. Today, I have the honor of sharing the story of a special producer from Ecuador who wants nothing more than his sound to be heard by Riddim and Dubstep aficionados like you, me, and even our bass thumping pets (my dog loves Dubstep).

But most importantly, MOTAR wants you to know that he’s doing everything in his power to spread the sounds of shoulder popping Riddim in his beautiful country of just under seventeen million citizens. With countless heavy productions such as “Nightmare” and “Dr. Fuji”, there is no doubt in my heart that you will come to love MOTAR as much as I do. Without futher ado, I now present the Charlotte Sessions and MOTAR Interview!

Good evening MOTAR! How are you doing brother? Thank you for answering these questions for us! What can you tell us about your start in this beautiful industry that is Dubstep and Riddim?)

Well first of all, thank you to everyone who is taking a bit of time to read this interview and learn about me, my commencement in this world of Riddim Dubstep and my musical project. Before learning about Riddim at the age of 16, I really enjoyed all of the Electronic music that most of the world knows about – but one day I was exploring online and I discovered a tune that was totally different than what I was used to hearing. After doing a little more investigating, I discvored that it was called Riddim Dubstep. I learned about this genre thanks to the tune “R28D” by Benzmixer.

It’s what caused me to investigate more about the artists in this genre – but without a doubt, Benzmixer is the first artist that got me into Riddim. I began producing tunes when I was around 15 years old, but at the time I wasn’t making Riddim, I was still producing Trap and Electro House beats. But I really didn’t like what I was making, so I stopped producing for a while. But as I discovered Riddim, I felt beyond inspired to begin this project, and I uploaded my first tune in 2017. It was a bootleg of an Infekt tune called “Prismo“.

I think that Benz would greatly appreciate knowing this! For the folks who are just discvoering your project, please tell us where you’re from! What is your town like?

I’m from Quito, Ecuador. I was born on the 25th of October in 2000 – my real name is Mate Hidalgo and I’m actually eighteen eyars old. My city is very pretty, it has a lot of tourist spots that one can visit. My favorite team is the Liga Deportiva Universitaria, my city’s team! I’m a die hard Liga fan. I actually study Acoustic and Sound Engineering at the Unviersity of the Americas. In Quito, the Riddim Dubstep scene is dead. There aren’t any events of this genre, mainly because Riddim isn’t very well known in my city and coutnry, it’s a bit sad. For this reason, I decided to begin this project so that I could spread this genre in my country – whether its through organizing events among other things that will help grow the scene in Quito, and in my country as a whole. I represent Riddim Dubstep here!

Your town looks absolutely incredible. How did you come up with the name MOTAR for your career?

Well first, before coming up with the name MOTAR, I was called Riddim Noise, but I decided to change it because it was too long and I really didn’t like it. I was playing a game with a buddy from Córdoba, Argentina and it just happened to stem from my actual name – that’s how Motar came about.

Ha-Ha, a game like Words with Friends! What inspires you to get into the studio and create new tunes?

Each time I start working on a new song, my inspiration is to imagine that one day I’ll be in the big leagues, and if I want to get big, I need to work on bettering my productions every day.

This way of thinking is going to help you succeed brother. Bravo. Your new tune with STARDIE, “Monday” is really awesome! How did this friendship begin?

Thank you very much. Stardie is a good friend, and his tracks are really great. Our friendship began when I sent him a message asking if we could possibly collaborate together, and that I really liked his music – and that’s how we met! We began to plan the project immediately – expect many more in the future!

Who are some of your favorite producers of the Riddim genre?

I have a few favorites, such as Aweminus, FLIX, Motus, Akeos, KC, Jub, I7, among others. But the one who really inspires my music is Aweminus. I think he’s the best producer of Riddim Dubstep, he’s my favorite.

How would you describe your music to a new person that has never met you?

I consider my music like something very moving, something that gives you the energy to dance at the moment you hear it especially since I implement Cumbia percussions in some of my tunes – I think this gives my music that special feel.

That’s a great way of putting it! Tell us a little bit about your EP, The Waiting.

Well, my new EP, The Waiting, was released on the 19th of August with Realm Records – it’s a Free Download! The EP consists of three tunes called “The Waiting”, “Shrooms” and “Roots”.

Aside from Riddim and Dubstep, who are some of your favorite bands, singers or rappers that you enjoy listening to?

Apart from Riddim Dubstep, which is of course my favorite genre, I listen to Jump Up, Rock, Metal, Reggae, Lo-Fi, Chill, Electronic Trap, Blues. My favorite band on an international level is Metallica, and my favorite national band is Donnie Parko.

Now that Summer is over, what are some big goals that you want to accomplish this fall?

Well, on the 7th of September I had my first international show up in Florida. The event was called the Underground Underdogs, organized by Infinite Collective, where I shared the stage with dons of the genre such as Rampage, Yari, and WARNED. I’m really happy about this because it has always been a dream to play an international show. Something that I have planned for the Fall is the release of my 3,000 Followers EP, which I will publish on SoundCloud. The EP is ready, I just need to wait till the right time and release it!

What kind of motivational message do you have for other producers and musicians who are reading this interview?

Like I always say to all of the producers who are just now starting in the scene, and the followers who reach out to me: always fight for your dreams – everything can be accomplished with effort and dedication, and you always have to try to improve every day. And to the folks who are really familiar with this wonderful genre, I invite you to learn more about Riddim Dubstep and not to stay stuck in just one genre, given that the world of Electronic music is so enromous. There are times where one may not be sure if the music that you’re listening to appeals to you or not – in that case, do a little more investigating like I did! Investigating more about electronic music allowed me to discover my favorite genre, Riddim baby! It will always be my favorite.

As we wrap things up, I wanted to give a big thank you to everyone who supports me, and to my family who has always supported my project. I never thought that I would get so far with my project, and I’m doing so thanks to all of the dedication and effort that I put towards my music every day. For those of you who have been listening to my tunes, I hope to continue to receive your support and help to keep growing this Riddim scene. Think big – nothing is impossible in this life. Greetings and thanks to everyone who read this interview all the way to the end!


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– Zyven

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