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A Very Random Recap of Subtronics and HE$H in Tampa

Hello my friends. Thank you for tuning in to the Charlotte Sessions to check out this lil’ review of the recent Cylcops Invasion Tour in Tampa. I’ve only been living in Florida for a little over two weeks – so to experience a producer that I respect and have once had the pleasure of getting to know, in the town across the bridge was a pretty great experience. HE$H also absolutely murdered it. Everything that’s bold was written in my phone during the show. Everything in italics is just a little commentary on what was originally written.) I hope you all enjoy!

Boys talking down I got them diamonds and then he drops some nasty hash shit that I can’t ID . (What could this possibly have been? He sampled Chunk Up the Deuce by Lil Keke. That’s when I realized that OG Nixin made a good move doing that with his own rendition. But whatever HE$H had going on was great. I wonder what the tune is called. It’s probably out and I don’t know about it.)

Then there was. A part where ye doubled 21 savage with Subliltronin BLOCKS. (OKAY this was honestly one of my favorite parts of bis performance. I can really appreciate any moment where HE$H drops some entertaining rap lyrics with a world classic Riddim tune. It reminded me of that one time I saw Crizzly play at Imagine in 2015. Something about producers from Texas man… Anyways, Subfiltronik is an absolute legend, and I can go for a Blockz double any day of the week.)

THEN HE DROPPED CHMST . (I HAD TO. I couldn’t help myself I needed to get this footage, CHMST is a don and I get too happy whenever his most fire tunes get played out. Good move HE$H. Here’s the raw video Ps. As I relive the Electric Forest set, I’m hearing the nasty combo he did with CHMST – Riddim of the Night. So I’m once again smiling like a fool,)


And Dion timmer.

Then HE DOUBLED FUCK ALIENS WITH SOME GANG SHIT. THEN HE DROPPED SOME REAL GANG SHIT WITH OG NIXIN. (wut? Wut does this mean. Do they have a collab? I can’t remember I think I just wrote the same sentence twice.)

I saw him dead walking out the discotech. (I really enjoyed his visuals – a lot of them made me smile, like the lowrider, the trap phone, BURNER POSSE. I cant really remember what that phrase was, but it came up on the screen and the tune that went with it was incredible. I believe they were lyrics. If anyone has a lead, hit me up with that ID please!)

No Notes Were Taken During Subtronics Set

My brief unorganized opinion about his set:
Subtronics destroyed my back and mind as usual. I was in so much pain the next day but it was all worth it. I think I need to start exercising, for REAL. My friends helped me figure out that ID remix of Sweetshop. Svdden Death. He played too much fire. His remix of that Zedd’s Dead tune is still stuck in my head. “When the lights go down in the city..” I heard a lot of coom edits, but I was always watching his hands. I liked seeing him bring in tunes so smoothly. It was RIDDIM as fuck. His transitions are always on point. There’s no denying that he’s grown a lot since the first time he played in North Carolina in 2017. Then my homie Califronia Brian and I took this mans to an after party and took in a lot of knowledge. Much love to Subtronics and his team for putting together such a great show. That “Vault” remix that he opened with was a good time. I think I saw him do that at Electric Forest and Lost Lands, but it hits differently every time 😉 ((see what I did there, internet). I always yell SKENZ whenever I hear the ‘2 Faced Cunt’ part.

Also his Chee collab sounded really nice through that Ritz sound-system. Thank you señor Jesse. Looking forward to the next one.

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– Zyven (The Riddim Professor)

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