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Adventure Club Live in Virginia Beach [Concert Review]


Adventure Club Shuts Down Virginia Beach

     We’re not exaggerating when we say that Canadian production duo Adventure Club absolutely tore down Peabody’s Nightclub in the most poppin’ city in Virginia. Sitting directly between the beach and all the liquor & beer stores and restaurants, the venue was practically in a perfect location.

     Something compelled us to undergo an invigorating 5 hour drive from Washington DC to Virginia Beach instead of heading right back to Charlotte as planned. But hey, why not go party in a place you’ve never been to before? The GPS coordinates shifted and before we knew it, we were finally at the Beach. The first thing that blew us away was how live and active the city was. As soon as you pull up the vibrant lights decorating all types of buildings pop out in your face, letting you know “Hey You’re in VA Beach Son!”

     A few miles away was the venue, it was about an hour and a half past show time and the line was still incredibly long, at least 200 people deep for another hour. Ravers in VA Beach look pretty much the same as ravers in Charlotte. Kids were dressed in heddy gear and kandi from head to toe. A few people were even rocking their light up gloves you know, the usual. A lot of ravers were wearing Steez Promo shirts, repping hard for the infamous promotional company that heavily caters to the DMV Electronic music scene. The outdoor vibes were already awesome, we couldn’t wait to get inside.



     When you walk in the venue the first thing you notice is the giant projector set up behind the DJ booth. Throughout the entire night the visuals and lights guys kept everything on point. You could tell who was spun out because of how hard they glared at the visuals, it was actually pretty funny noticing that. Before you knew it, the memorable font that we all cherish and love spelling out Adventure Club popped up on the screen. It was time to get things going. They started off their set by mashing up a very familiar Crash 2.0 with some unknown ID. From 0 to 100 the melodic intro turned into some heavy gun firing Dubstep and everyone in the building freaked the hell out.


     A familiar feeling came about when they dropped North Carolina native, NGHTMRE’S single Street, switching it up right before the drop to the lazer sounds in DJ Snake’s Propaganda. You could hear half of the room yelling “Oh Shit!” That’s how intense that drop was. Propaganda disappeared and some remix of Shawn Mendes’ track Stitches started playing. It was still being mixed with Street, but hearing those vocals sung in a high pitch tone before dropping some dirty 2011 Dubstep feels through the Peabody’s intense sound system was exceptional.

   Throughout their set they played several other famous original and remixes like Crave YouGold, Fade and Limitless. These guys are more than capable of handling a combination of soft melodic tunes and over the top insane Dubstep. It was a beautiful performance. You know what else was beautiful? The crowd. Everyone was so friendly, so relaxed, we literally saw zero people having a bad time.

Ayyye Gotcha

     Not even those couples that choose to argue at raves, the perfect setting obviously. Not even the overly drunk guy who ends up getting kicked out. No one. We met a lot of cool new people who made our experience special. Overall, we cannot wait to go back to another Steez Promo VA Beach show. Props for making us out of towners feel at home.


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–   Zyven

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