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Adventures Through the Multiverse Season 2 [Philadelphia Dubstep Showdown]

   Ladies and Gentlemen can you believe what you just read? That’s right! The follow up showdown to the infamous Pennsyvlania Bass music debauchery, Adventures Through the Multiverse is right around the corner. And what does that mean? A special two day ceremony in Philadelphia featuring some of the most prominent bass music producers in the industry. If I dropped names like Caspa, Kai Wachi, Aweminus, Downlink, Spass, Lord Swan3x, Subject 31 and SLUGGO, would you get excited?

Lord Swan3x

     I nearly fell out of my chair when I got the Facebook invite, especially because last year the Season 1 event took place right around Thanksgiving, which ended up with my grandma stealing my car keys when I told her I was about to leave for Philly. Nevertheless, I still managed to catch a different event held by the Pennsylvania promoters, The Kontrol Room, who put together the Castaway Pirate Massive back in May which had one of the most stacked lineups a bass junkie like myself could dream for. Personally, after having driven 9 hours up north to catch some Riddim and Bass, nothing could ruin my night in Philly; I ended up having one of the best out of town experiences to this day. And now you’re telling me I can do it all over again Rick and Morty style? Count me in. Check out the sweet video flyer below.

     This 2 Day event is taking place on December 15th and 16th at District N9NE, located on 460 N 9th Street, Philadelphia PA. Folks this is literally right after you finish your last set of exams. How will I be celebrating this four and half year journey to get a college degree? By partying side by side some of the greatest Riddim producers in the scene. Stomping around to some nasty 70 bpm wubs is my guilty pleasure, I can’t help myself, especially when acts like Berrix, Definitive, Subject 31, Spass, SVGMAZE (M A Z E), Ecto, Bloodthinnerz, and Symbiotic for the first time. And throwing down with the likes of Ranga’, Gram Greene, Codd Dubz, and Lord Swan3x should be an absolute blast.

 Gram Greene

   I’m curious to see what kind of energy DJ QBert (Drum N Bass) and Hi I’m Ghost will attract. Stay tuned for more information because this special event is roughly a month away and I can only imagine what other goodies The Kontrol Room will be mentioning in the near future. By the way, don’t pass up on the little guys mentioned at the bottom. Warned, Saunter, Evac Protocol and Packback are legends in the making.

Get psyched, because it’s time to “Get Shwifty” as Adventures Through the Multiverse Season 2 slowly approaches! See you soon Philly! You can RSVP here to show off your sweet plans to all your friends on the interwebs. Also, how about you save a little cash and Buy a Ticket Here Today! 

The Kontrol Room: Castaway, a Pirate Massive

Aweminus & Definitive

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