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AKEOS and JUB Ruined My Ankles [RIDDIM Discovery]

What in the actual f*ck am I listening to right now? When I first discovered the tune that I’m about to share wit you today, I felt like I had been living under a rock for a lifetime. A massive facepalm was in order once the madness was finally over. This incredible Never Say Die: Black Label release honestly changed the way I view this cringey and grimey genre that holds such a special place in the hearts of thousands of warriors across the globe. Do the names Akeos and JUB ring a bell? If they don’t, get ready for one of the most intricate and unique discoveries of the year – that’s a promise.

Okay – Right?Duel” is the definition of truly filthy Riddim lick – the creators’ intentions were obviously sinister. The nasty drop that makes your nose raise up high and your lips snarl deep, producing that ultimate stank face that your friends know and love you for. I almost end up looking like a meme whenever I hear sounds by production gurus like Akeos. “Duel” is one of the many incredible tracks found on the Labyrinth EP earlier this year – “Tripolar Dub” is my absolute favorite off the project. But who exactly is this mysterious, and devilishly addicting producer that has been taking the Riddimverse by absolute storm?

Not much is known about Ava Akeos, but what I do know is that listening to this cyborg is quickly becoming one of my favorite past times… Enjoy Akeos’ most recent banger, “Bongo Dub” if you like good music and want to take a peek at what’s been going on in this machine’s CPU lately. (Also, please listen to “Stop Motion” and “Bukiyou” if you really want to hear some filth.)

I want to elaborate a little more about Jub… But he also deserves his own story. Stay tuned! THANKS AGAIN FOR THE INCREDIBLE MUSIC, AKEOS!

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The future is looking a little brighter now that Akeos is around.
– Zyven

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