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Calling All Dubstep Fans! AKIRA Just Released New Music!

 I don’t know a lot of people in Scotland, sadly! But one particular heavy hitting producer always makes me curious about what life is like out there! But at least we get to feel a little bit of the rowdy culture through his music! The one and only Scottish Warlord, mister Mihal AKIRA, the Don of all dons, the OG Monster has just put some new music! I really enjoy this heavy hitter’s style – from tunes like Shabba“,HHH“, Lazer Scot“, and Black Knight“, Akira always manages to bring the fire when it comes to his sound selection.

      His new project, Back Up 2018 made its way to my SoundCloud this morning, and I’m certainly glad it did! I don’t think I would have been as alert this morning if I hadn’t discovered this heaping pile of fire tuna that AKIRA recently put out for the world to bounce to! A delayed intro is matched with a sinister voice who growls “Do you think those two idiots are really going to destroy an armed cyborg? You’re mistaken!” before unleashing a filthy animatronic drop that will have you grasping coupled with a weak lazer that must have missed the cyborg’s central processing unit because this creature is still very much alive! Make sure you hit that Free Download button because this one is bound to have your local bassheads bouncing all over the club. Also, feel free to give AKIRA a Like on Facebook if you like what he does!

  Who’s down for another new one from AKIRA? Now introducing a reminder that Mike Jones is indeed, still cool.

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