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Akira Hits Home with New Tune “Scottish Warlord”

      You know what is the most beautiful thing about Riddim Dubstep? The pivotal essence that makes this strange genre of music so great is the cultural diversity within the scene. You can find producers from practically every continent of this Bass filled paradise we call Earth. Today we’ve got a special track that was created from one of Scotland’s top Riddim producers, AkiraIf you haven’t had the chance to hear this fresh new tuna, then you’re in luck, because The Charlotte Sessions loves covering Riddim, no matter how long ago the track was released.
     Back in October the Monster blessed the world with his “First bagpipe track ever.” As you can imagine, the tune starts off with a collection of bagpipes playing simultaneously, before a slow rose and nasty bass drop take over. Akira uses a blend of distinct sounds to bring about the high amounts of energy that “Scottish Warlord” brings to all those who listens. hear a lot of familiar sounds This new single is one of the many tracks we can expect on Akira’s new EP. The producer is responsible for “Lazer Scot,” the unforgettable collab with Subfiltronik,Black Knight,” and a new collab with Benzmixer,Anger Management.” He is now ready to unleash an arsenal of new tracks for the masses, and it certainly shows on his newest single. So far who I’ve showed this new tune to, including my dad, my dog, girls who hate Riddim, and my Salvadorian roommate, everyone found themselves nodding their head to the beats of Boss man Akira. Click play below to hear “Scottish Warlord” Today!”

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