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Al Ross & Gram Greene Set To Tear Down Chicago at Winter Shakedown

 Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever been to a Riddim show in the Great city of Chicago? I sure haven’t! Grab your jackets folks because the Winter Shakedown is just around the corner. This event put on by Stay Gold Promotions and its featuring the likes of Los Angeles based badmon Al Ross and everyone’s favorite Riddim brother from another mother, Gram Greene the New Jersey terror! Together they form the Underground superduo Al Greene, and it seems like Chicago has been dying for a reunion ever since their debut show in 2017. And That’s why I’ve stuck around the Midwest for an extra week after the unforgettable events that took place at SNOWTA Music Festival. Come January 6th, the Windy City will be facing a destructive catastrophe, worse than when Mrs. O’Leary’s cow knocked down a lantern and started the Great fire of Chicago back in 1871. Get ready folks because Al Greene is taking over the Medusa Chicago. 

 It’s been several months since I’ve seen the two perform on stage together, since their destructive set at the Castaway Pirate Massive in Philly, so you can say that I’m beyond ready for the madness. Let’s not forget to mention the fact that there will be two stages at this event! Openers include the likes of RiddimBoyz, Juvenile, GAPZ, KOTA, Clovegang and on the second stage artists like Bass Technicians, Diablo, and Blvck Magic will be taking over Click Here to RSVP for the magical nightmare that will have you reminiscing for ages. You can also Purchase Tickets Here and save a little money at the door!

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