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Al Ross Made Me (US) Forget About Covid-19

It was a warm Thursday night in the Carolinas. I had just moved back home from Florida so I was glad to see that the weather hadn’t changed too drastically. Riddim magic was certainly in the air! I was gearing up for one of the most exciting online performances during this strange time that we’re all experiencing. It turned out that one of my favorite humans of all time, Al Ross, was headlining a special series by the Dub Rebellion called the Bedroom Sessions. I made my way over to my homegirl AJ’s house to soak in all the filthy doubles and triples that the California Riddim boi had in store for us. A little vodka, triple sec and a freshly rolled fattie by the homie Jerm got us even more pumped for what was about to take place.

As Megalodon was wrapping up the last few minutes of his performance, a familiar figure popped up on the screen wearing a matching denim jacket, (no shirt of course) and light blue jean combo. Tattoos covered his body from head to toe, and the smile that he was flashing quickly filled up the room with joy and thrill. I’m grateful to say that I have experienced this wild sound bender perform in places like Illinois and Quebec, and most recently in Boca Raton, Florida for the second edition of Forbidden Kingsom Music Festival. As soon as Al Ross dropped his first double, I dropped everything I was doing to stand up and stomp around the room like a baffoon. My Riddim claws were progressively getting tighter throughout the evening but I still managed to write down a few of the drops that this man had put together for us to skank out to.

First of all, it’s been ages since I’ve heard anyone play JAM P R D and Infekt’s infamous collab, the “Space Modulator” – except Al Ross managed to play one of the filthiest remixes of this tune that I didn’t even know existed. Talk about a feeling of immediate gratitude and filth. Later on in the evening Al Ross decided to shout out the legend in the making, Akeos, for their incredible remix of Alesso’s We Can Be Heroes.” I’ve never heard Akeos put their touch on anything this soft and heartfelt. You all know the lyrics. But of course, as soon as the drop took place, all we could hear was intense, jaw clenching synths and growls that turned AJ’s room into a hurricane.

At some point in the evening Al Ross showed a little love to a producer named HOL! who makes up half of the duo Stranger Twins. “Yo Riddim kids how do you say this guy’s name?” We quickly commenced to skank out and get dirty. I think the funniest part of the performance (aside the time Al Ross and Whales flashed their ass cheeks for the internet to enjoy), was when the producer of the hour flashed his Phiso tattoo and started playing some crazy ID by the Canadian mastermind. Absolutely EVERYBODY in the chat started typing in their own variations of Phiso. P H I S O. Phi… so. Phiso! It was quite hilarious. Much love to Skrillex for turning the “Jotaro” producer into a mini meme. It made me happy to see everyone so excited.

I was stoked to see that Al Ross had made a new friend in the Dubstep scene. He picked up the microphone and yelled something about how much he loves Whales as a person and DJ, and of course brought him to the decks to drop some nasty super hot fiyah on the crowd. Near the end of the night, Al Ross asked us if we wanted to hear his remix of Hukae’s massive tune “Boingo.” Riddim death was upon us and my gun fingers were certainly flailing. I’d also like to point out that Al Ross dropped a lot of incredible Lil Peep remixes for tunes such as “U Said” among others. I wasn’t the huge Peep fan in the room, but AJ was, and she knew all the words to every Peep tune that Al or Whales dropped that evening – and of course, seeing my friends have a good time reminds me why this life that we choose to live is so darn special.

To Al Ross, the Dub Rebellion, Jool, Megalodon and Whales, and most importantly the members of the chat and Riddim and Dubstep community, thank you all for coming together to make such a special occasion take place. I’m eternally grateful I got to share that experience with my buddies after leaving a paradise such as St. Peterburg, Florida. Everything happens for a reason folks. It’s all about how you take a weird situation and adapt to it. Soon enough we’ll all be skanking out with Alex in the campgrounds of Lost Lands enjoying life to the fullest. Until next time my friends! Shout out to my homies Factory Reset and Greensboro Collin for enjoying the performance along with the rest of us!

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– Zyven (The Riddim Professor)

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