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Angelic Root Shatters Expectations with Four Track EP “Motion”

For his debut release on Truth‘s infamous Deep Dark & Dangerous label, quickly rising low end artisan Kody Geronimo Jones aka Angelic Root, offers a potent collection of high energy rhythms and bottom heavy bass vibrations that fit brilliantly within a variety of sonic atmospheres highly characteristic of the Michigan native’s distinct style.

The EP’s title track “Motion” gives listeners a good idea of Jones’ vision for deep dubstep and it’s vast potential in a live setting. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to see Kody perform “Motion” live twice and thinking back to it, what stuck out to me most was not just its sound quality but Angelic Root’s infectious energy behind the decks while dropping it. The entire project articulates that same movement extremely well.

One of my favorites from the EP, titled “Salutation” begins with a quick journey to the beginnings of dub music where Angelic Root pairs crisp reggae drums and well designed horns to create an authentic reggae dub inspired sound. Moving quickly, the track rises to a build-up that drops almost as quickly as it begins, where perhaps one of the thickest bass/synth rhythms i’ve heard in a while gives any and every bystander no choice but to join in its enormous movement. This tune and each of the rest on the EP will absolutely be a treat for anyone lucky enough to experience them live.

Overall, the young producer displays both genuine musicality and innovative compositional vision throughout the project, utilizing evolving synth rhythms, well designed melodic atmospheres, and various sonic textures reminiscent of the late great King Tubby. Packed with four bouts of unforgiving weight, each track on the Motion EP delivers vibes cool enough to end global warming and bass heavy enough to get any deaf person’s attention.

With an old soul and a deep adoration for the unifying power of sound, Angelic Root exudes joy and positive energy by pushing waves directly from the heart. Adding to an already extensive discography of original tunes, Angelic Root presents this EP as a testament to his passion for original dub sound and pushing forward the conventional limits of electronic production. Growing exponentially with each release and live performance, his fanbase will surely continue to spread throughout the country and go on to bring out healthy change to this beautiful culture of bass music.

Bonus Track! Angelic Root’s remix of DMVU’s legendary banger, “Bloccd

Hailing from the beautiful Great Lake state of Michigan, Kody Geronimo Jones has been dredging a path for himself into the deepest depths of production ever since his first release as Angelic Root just two years ago. As time began to follow, the young engineer embraced his journey through sound, exploring various styles of bass music until he built up a unique synthesis of the cultural/musical inspirations that defined his youth.

Cover art for Angelic Root’s mix “Botanical Dub Exploration Vol. 2

With a humble and contagious spirit reminiscent of his deep ancestral roots, when asked his main inspirations, he was quick to give major credit to talented flow engineer “Prophet” and OG musicians like “King Tubby” along with many others that helped move dub reggae culture forward. Just a couple listens through Angelic Root‘s diverse discography will make brutally evident the uncanny flow running through his veins, as well as his passion for bringing heavyweight sound and high energy movement into the reggae inspired atmospheres of deep dub.

Kody throwing down an OG all original set when we brought the Spicy Bois to Charlotte 🙂

In this day and age, it’s rare that you’ll catch an all original set by any DJ, much less an all original set filled with bangers and purely genuine energy all the way through. Don’t miss an opportunity to see this dude live, trust me!

Also, do yourself a much deserved favor and check out his massive new EP on Deep Dark & Dangerous: Spotify: “Motion Bandcamp: “Motion” SoundCloud: “Motion

While you’re at it follow him on social to stay up to date with all of the incredible things he’s got in store! [ Twitter: @AngelicRootBass / Facebook: @AngelicRootMusic / Instagram: @AngelicRootBass ]

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