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ANODIC Strikes Again With New “Dynasty” Project

You know how the saying goes, hard work pays off. For an unimaginable amount of time, humans have been putting forth their absolute best effort in an attempt to grow and progress in their favorite craft, skill, career, and hobby. One can say that the folks who make up the great city of Atlanta, Georgia have a special drive to create the best music possible, that matches this timeless ideology of reward based on effort.

Passion, motivation and dedication are just a few of the reasons why ANODIC has seen a great amount of positive feedback and appreciation for his new EP titled Dynasty. I also think that one of the most important aspects of succeeding in the music industry has a lot to do with reaching out to the folks who are going to put in an effort to critique and share your music. I’m very greatful that ANODIC took the time to reach out and share his Rough Records release with me because these tracks are absolute FIRE, and you deserve to hear them.

The fact that this four track EP came out on Rough Records might sound like a bit of a coincidence because of the nature of the project. DYNASTY is a heavy hitting, rambunctious, guns a’blazin collection of some of ANODIC’s greatest hits to date. If you like supporting the up and comers in the underground Dubstep and Riddim scene, you’ll find a special place in your fists for this gargantuan project. “Head Toss” serve as the perfect opening tune for DYNASTY because of its hefty and tenacious style. Listeners are transported to a secret Bazaar in the Middle East where they discover a cyborg fighting club where the toughest and roughest technological creations battle each other to the finish. Place your bets folks.

Shot by DMc Photography

The second track off the ATL sound bender’s project features the style and craft of Chicago’s very own BRUTE. Not only do we get the special synths and kicks from the Windy City badmon, but we also get a unique feature from Dubstep rapper MAGMAG on “Riddim Boys“. Strap on your seatbelt my friends because you’re in store for a wild ride. My favorite track off the DYNASTY EP has to be track number three, a frightening and powerful representation of what a duel with MAGMAG and ANODIC might sound like. There’s only two gunmen who will come out victorious today – challengers beware.

Last, but certainly not least, we have a classic styled Riddim tuna to send you off in the right direction. ANODIC samples a serious scene from a Netflix series called Dark Matter that illustrates an imminent moment of death for some poor soul. The synths used to create “Internal” are absolutely filthy – prepare your defenses, the robots are taking over. Much love to ANODIC for creating this powerful EP, and for sharing it my way. I love you brotha. Cheers!

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