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        Step aside ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got a brand new record label invading our lovely Bass scene that deserves your attention! Who are some of your favorite producers that you’ve been following for a few years now? I’ll never forget the day that I discovered a bass mongrel from Northampton, England who has a never ending fervor for the cosmos and the aliens who call this universe “home”. JAM P R D is more than just Bass music producer. He’s the MAN. The Myth. And the Absolute Riddim Space Warrior Legend. For years JAM P R D was leading the Underground Dub scene with fierce and grimy tunes such as “Sukout“, “Resistance“, “Laboratory” “Ack Ack“, “Planet Earth“, and dozens of other time altering creations. But JAM wants to show the world that he’s capable of making sounds that aren’t, in the slightest, anything near that of a Riddim medley. In honor of his new artistic endeavors, JAM P R D has decided to join forces with underground producers like Wevaman and OD Dan to create what they like to call ARD MUSYK.

        What’s the best way to celebrate the creation of a new label? With a fresh, sauced up project titled STREET FIGHT to entertain Bassbots like you and me for years to come. The opening tune by Arddrive, “Universal” is the secret recipe necessary to create the perfect robozoid, a machined creature that has one mere objective in mind: destruction. The following project, known as “Indigineous”, is a prime example of the lighter side of Electronic music that JAM P R D wants to conquer – wonky, slow, and tribal. Up next, we have a low alien signal coming all the way from Northampton, as Wevaman rigs up his intergalactic communication device known as “Time”. Last, but certainly not least we have a bit of HipHop influence as the likes of O D Dan drops spooky, grimy bars on “Mek Da Ting Go VIP“. I’m very excited to see what the future holds for ARD MUSYK – you have a dream gentlemen! Never stop chasing it.

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