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Argentina’s ARTIX! Isn’t Holding Back This Year!

     Have you picked up your brand new whip yet my friends? Me neither! But in another universe, most of us Riddim Robots are weaving through space on our fresh rocketcruisers produced by Mom Corporation as we jam out to our favorite South American Riddim bangers. I can only imagine what Bass music sounds like in this alternate universe – and in our current universe. I feel like I still don’t understand the audacity behind half of these heaters that are surfacing the internet on a daily basis. One particular Argentinian producer who goes by the name of ARTIX! meets the criteria for “filthy, heavy, grotesque Bass“, and since today is the creature’s 22nd birthday, I felt it was only right to shed a little light on his recent accomplishments!

ARTIX! Also known by his friends and family as Nico, is one of the many prominent producers to come out of Córdoba, Argentina, particularly for the Underground Dubstep scene that plays such a strong part in Latin American Bass music culture. In the past few months, ARTIX! has created a hefty amount of heavy hitting tunes, often collaborating with international producers such as Russia’s Enimpa, Australia’s FLICK, Chicago’s KLEAVR and Louisville’s Tantrum. ARITX! also has a knack for giving other artists the opportunity to shine. His new creation, Dopa Records has only been around for a handful of months, but it has seen great releases by artists like Monsuo, Zabuza, Motar, Genga, among others!

I would also like to give ARTIX! a huge congratulations for locking in some incredible European bookings, such as the infamous Space Invaderz event in Belgium, a special show in Hungary with the homie Woodlock and the forever evolving RYU, and a filthy Halloween show in France with Plazid, BIG things are happening for this young go getter – from basement shows in Córdoba to massive festivals in Europe, this Bass tycoon is going places. Be sure to give ARTIX! A Like in Facebook if you enjoy his sound! Dale Nico! Nunca pares de perseguir tus sueños hermano!



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Who let the animal into Europe? BEWARE OF ARTIX!

– Zyven

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