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Arius Did What? “Black on Black” is THAT TRACK

Does the name ARIUS ring a bell? Several months ago.. actually, a little over a year ago I managed to make it out to my second CLUSTXR Music Festival experience. It was far up the mountains of West Virginia, and if you ask anybody who went to the final edition in 2018, they will probably tell you that it was one of the filthiest festivals they have ever been to. Pegboard Nerds, Oolacile, Infekt, Virtual Riot, Mt. Eden, Truth, Sullivan King, Mvrda, PhaseOne, among many other incredible acts made this four hour car ride worth every second. But one particular act really stuck out to me that weekend.

I don’t quite recall how I discovered the iconic DJ and production duo known as Arius. But at the time, I was just minutes away from seeing them bring their bubbly personalities and highly intense sounds to the good people of CLUSTXR. I’ll never forget how I gifted Tessa a ring that I made and named “Arius Ready to Dance?” During their performance, the California based duo went on to bring out out the legendary Maryland vocalist and rapper, Born I Music to perform a few hits such as “Third Eye.” Now it’s a brand new decade, and I want to share a FIRE tune that I saw Tessa and Matt performing live on social media

Black on Black is that spicy new, wonky tonky, Trap banger that your spirit has been yearning for. If you’ve been on a total experimental kick recently, then the way that ARIUS composed this heater will certainly make your legs move and groove unlike any way you were expecting before smashing that play button. If your mind didn’t teleport to Mars for a few seconds, I definitely advise putting on your space suit and hitting that play button one more time. I’ve definitely got to give it up to these two for making such diverse tunes for the world to enjoy. The Facebook video below shows Tessa using Matt as a table to compose elements of the new tune in a live setting. While I don’t know much about launch pads and these types of pieces of technology, I sure do know that ARIUS has a good time using them. Enjoy the tune my friends!

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– Zyven (The Riddim Professor)

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