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Artist Discovery: Matt Doe

For today’s artist discovery, we leave the Florida warmth and fly north to the chilly province of Quebec, Canada where heavy-hitting bass artisan Matt Doe is crafting up some of Canada’s coldest bass music.

       His unique yet simplistic artistic vision, cool trap flow, and pungent bass design all work exceptionally well to make Matt Doe one of my current favorites in the game. The Canadian bass engineer effectively locks his listeners in, and conducts them through unpredictable strings of bass experimentation. I stand behind Doe so much that if someone told me they didn’t like “Fire Penguin”, I would have to sit them down and hear all of their reasons WHY. I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but my face morphs a million different ways as the main synth of the track evolves into unbelievable varieties of filth. With his hip hop/international/wonky hybrid feel, I can almost guarantee this Ottawan gem will leave your head knocking, mouth grimacing, and brain yelling “why am I just now hearing this?!?!?”.
Check out “Fire Penguin” and tell me if I’m wrong!

       Regardless, the awesome thing about this satisfyingly unique artist is that “Fire Penguin” is just ONE of the SEVERAL tracks within Doe’s arsenal that honestly just hit differently in the most gangster way.
       Not only are his individual tracks and remixes on a completely different level, but his mixing is quite exceptional as well. A couple days back he was featured on Lizzy Jane‘s mix series “The XO”, and I can unequivocally say he straight up bodied the entire thirty minutes. Matt Doe is currently topping my list of need-to-see-dj’s (just behind the og Charlesthefirst) and if I don’t see him STAT I might just have to make a trip to Canada!

       Whether it be Matt Doe’s trap, riddim, dubstep, or anything in between, his world class musical aptitude is always clearly evident. In just a few years since his first release, this Canadian bass enthusiast is undoubtedly nearing the brink of huge success in the States. It’s only a matter of time until you’ll be seeing his name on massive festival lineups all over the country!

It blows my mind that even with Fire Penguin bringing in just over a hundred thousand streams, Matt still only has a bit more than three hundred followers on Twitter!  How doe???? 

[If you dig the tunes, give him a follow on social & keep up with all the big things he’s got in store… trust me on this one, you wont want to miss out! @mattdoemusic]


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For the love of low end frequency & heavy flow,

– Tristan

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