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Artist Spotlight: Ryns

Hard-hitting low end frequencies, masterful percussive rhythms, innovative electronic synthesis, and genuine melodic soul. These are just some of the attributes that come to mind when exploring the stylistically diverse discography of Bloomington, Indiana native beat-maker, Ryns.

This is the track I came across recently that lead me to writing this article!

Whether it’s the nostalgia-inducing/emotionally captivating harmonic atmospheres in “Surface” or the ear-quenching sonic textures interwoven between the mind-bending synth flows of “Hellion“, this Bloomington born bass aficionado has proven time and time again that he has the production capacity to hang with the biggest names not just in bass, but music altogether.

Take this gorgeous melodic pieceWay Back When” for example. As the familiar warmth of vinyl static in the track’s lo-fi inspired atmosphere guides a musical collage of ethereal melody and harmonic delights into the full stereophonic space, Ryns enacts a gorgeous example of the drum-less build, which crescendos up to a peak of harmonic tension and falls smoothly upon a blissful cloud of bright beats and airy synth waves. Soulful tracks like this one carry significant weight for me when searching for new artists because of the artistic integrity they make evident, so when I encountered Cristiaan Broderick’s (Ryns) wide variety of chill, soulful, melodic, abrasive, bass thumping, and everything in between, I knew without a doubt that he had the potential for greatness in electronica.

One of my favorite harder tracks of his

In just the first year since his debut release as Ryns, (pronounced /rins/) Broderick has consistently displayed a unique and distinctive style that cannot be defined by any specific genre or sub-genre. With that being said, as boundaries confining the “trap” genre continue to dissipate, artists such as Ryns continue to hold its culture alive- all while at the same time creating their own completely unique and extraordinary methods of sonic story-telling.

Broderick effectively blends his own style in so many different ways, which is why I hesitate to place him into any genre group; rather simply “bass music”. With a startling nimbleness between drum rhythms and stylistic flavors, I quickly realized that when it comes to Ryns, any preconceived notions are best to be left at the front door.

The track above, “Elementals” is a collaboration between Ryns and the magnificently talented Grand Rapids, MI native Super Future. Quickly earning a spot as one of my favorites of all time, my words fail to properly elaborate upon the vastness of this track. Opening with an exquisitely ethereal introduction on par with main-stage electronica, the tune suddenly drops into one of the smoothest and inventive melodic bass drops I’ve heard in a very long while. What gives this track the extra juice to lift it onto my list of favorites is it’s unbelievably complex myriad of both synthetic and organic textures which work together harmoniously to present an innovative installment of emotional conflict complete with melodic/atmospheric highs, a journey of sentimental beat phrases, and raw bass driven traverses through the inevitable obstacles we often face in life.

Huge ups to Ryns and all of his peers for continuing to hone their unique sounds as artists, and for staying dedicated despite the vast difficulty in gaining traction in a world too quick to look past anything out of the normal.

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