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Aspire Higher Collective Sets Bar Higher With Inaugural Compilation

Hailing from the East Coast, “Aspire Higher” is a newly developed collective dedicated to bringing forth talented producers and visual artists that embody unique sound, vision, and stylistic flow. 

       In this compilation we follow a talented brand of forward thinking engineers through an eight part audial novella which hesitates in no part to push the popular boundaries of technical delivery and sound design. Featuring a diverse roster of talented bass artisans, theres no doubt in my mind that you’ll be head bobbin’ and ear wubbin’ when you sit back and vibe with the aliens that brought you this inaugural Aspire Higher – “Higher Lows Compilation“. 

Prepare your earholes for a palette pleasing variety of audible oddities served up by a handful of talented artists making their way out of the underground. The journey begins with a bass heavy collaboration from Philadelphian Tiedye Ky and Jersey native Mindset. Their track “Nitrous Bender” exemplifies the raw tone, production quality, and innovative flow of the compilation as a whole, and sets the stage for the rest of the story to take place. With two well placed downtempo tracks from backpack and RA!N that contrast well, the rest of the compilation continues to remain fire. The following artists deliver a wide array of extraterrestrial heat: Pluto Era, 5AM & XL, Nocturnal Status & IllanthropyCyber G, along with a surprisingly filthy rap feature from Rasp-5 atop an equally filthy production from Face Plant. Each of these artists deliver professionally executed sound, unique flow, and work together to successfully narrate Aspire Higher’s first compilation. Which tracks are calling your name right now?

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