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At Long Last, Our First CHAIMBA Story

My friends, this story has been in the works ever since I first discovered a wildly talented producer who goes by the name of Chaimba. I’ve always wanted to write a piece on the Colorado based sound bender. I decided to morph what was once a simple idea into some written, online blog reality. While this piece was originally started on super bowl Sunday, life got in the way of its completion. But today just feels like the perfect day to share some of these nasty tunes with you. Let’s start with “Abomination.”

I feel like I’ve just discovered a tune with all the proper wonkified sounds that reach the strange receptors in my auditory complex. A true audible treat. If “Abomination” is the first time that you’ve come across Chaimba, you definitely don’t need to be the one to tell you that this guy is an absolute monster when it comes to creating Riddim masterpieces. I’ve really come to love his projects like “Abstract“, “Mad Riddim” and “I Don’t Need You.” That last one I Just mentioned happens to be one of my favorite tunes of all time. For a bonus, check out the Trencast and UZZI remixes of “I Don’t Need You” It feels like there is nothing Chaimba can’t do.

We would have been doing you a total disservice if we didn’t share this mega collab with Wisconsin’s YUNIT and Saskatchewan’s very own ECTO. We hope you enjoyed some of the spicy Chaimba sounds that you heard you today!

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– Zyven

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