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Australia’s Chibs and Getorix Gang Up For a Dangerous New Tune! + Xaebor Remix

     About a year ago two heavy forces in the underground Dubstep scene put out a filthy tune that rattled sound rigs all over the world. Chibs, the mysterious and powerful youth from the netherworld (somewhere in Australia) got together with another islander known as Getorix to put out a nasty single known as Blazin.” While the original displays ounces of filth on its own, it’s been remixed several times as producers such as Kahlil, and Xaebor display how they can morph the craft of the Australian animals. It wasn’t too long ago that I was sitting in the car with a friend before he popped on this groovy, loud, zonky rendition of Blazin’ that had me spazzin’ in the driver seat; it was a rather dangerous sight to be seen. This is one of those instances where the remix heavily competes with the original for a battle of the filth award. But if you’re remixing a Chibs and Getorix’ collab, the results are bound to be fire. Xaebor is definitely making a heavy presence in the underground scene, and if he keeps popping’ out material like the dope tune below, then I’m expecting the curators over at Lost Lands to recruit him for the 2018 edition of the infamous Bass Music paradise.

 But wait, there’s more, recently Chibs put out a nasty new EP on Disciple Round Table titled the Flow Like EPThe 7 track compilation features of an array of unique tunes that show off the true raw artistry that Chibs is capable of producing. While there are several incredibly nasty tunes such as “Zam,” and “Kachi,” I fell in love with the wonkalicious sounds of “Megatron Sknk,” it makes you feel like you’re gearing up for an intergalactic space battle with the Multiverse’s wobbliest producers. Another key element of the Flow Like EP is the infectious reunion of Chibs and Getorix as they combine forces to take down spirits in the deepest realms of New South Whales, or whatever Australian territory these gentlemen call home. “Portals” isn’t your typical wonkfest single, it’s like something out of a fairytale, partially created in an underground dungeon rave paradise in Denver before teleporting back over to Australia to finish making this crazy tune. If you were wondering why Riddim is so popular in the Land Down Under, it’s because of top notch producers like good ol’ Chibs and Getorix. Now if we can only get their Aussie butts over to the US so we can have a real party, that’d be much appreciated. Would you like to see these badmon hit the United States? If so, go visit @Chibs and @Getorix on Facebook and let them know where!

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