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Ayonikz & Akira go Back to the Bassics

Ladies and gentlemen, today we go Back to the Bassics as we dive into a special new mix created by two dons on the other side of the Atlantic. Today, we celebrate what it’s like when Ireland and the Netherlands work hand in hand to cater a collection of incredible sounds to all the Riddim Kings and Queens around this globe. Like any past time and trade, it takes proper time and dedication to record a filthy, high quality mix that will make you, the DJ, and every listener around the world bounce just as hard as if they were actually experiencing all these strange sounds live in action. I am a firm believer that every solid mix must pass the “car stereo test” in order for it to truly slap – its safe to say that the brand new Ayonikz and Akira mix on Philadelphia based record label, Last Life, has completely surpassed all qualifications that make up a truly nasty and rhythm friendly mix. Filthy transitions, superb track selection, quality chops, and nasty double drops.

For those of you who are new to the Riddim scene, Ayonikz is a very skillful producer from Amsterdam who knows a thing or two about flow – he started a movement and a crew called No Fufu. No Fufu refers to living that lifestyle that is free of the daily fufu that causes so many problems in the life of others. Ayonikz is all about keeping it real with his supporters and the people in this universe who want to hear that true to heart, wonkified Riddim sound. On the other hand, we have one of the baddest producers to come out of Europe – Akira will always be known as one of the original members of the Monsters crew. His sounds are iconic and timeless as the sun and moon in the sky. There are several reasons why he is known as the Scottish Warlord, and creating filthy Riddim is just one of them.

This mix features several special selects by artists such as Senri, i7, FlaxDubz, and Subfiltronik, among many other artists who have contributed to the underground Riddim culture that so many of us know and love. I always get excited whenever I hear the Flix, Motus, and 5ohman signals that go off at the beginning of their anthem, “Lowest“, one of my absolute favorite songs ever created. Keep your ears on high alert because the boys doubled this tune with a nasty lick that will have you bopping around like an absolute fool. I really enjoyed what Akira and Ayonikz did on this mix. I can only imagine what kind of firepower they were dropping all over the Land Down Under. Keep it Real, keep it Frosty, and stay away from all that is Fufu.

Bonus: Here’s a new EP that boys put together recently, prior to their unforgettable tour in Australia. It showcases some of the best collaborations that Ayonikz and Akira have ever created. Brace up because your ears and karate chop hands are in for a surprise.

Double Bonus: Three minutes of death by Ayonikz live in Australia with the HAVOC familia.

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– Zyven

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