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Ayonikz Hits Home With His New “Yoshi Blockz” & “Industrial VIP”

      Ask me why I’m walking around my neighborhood bouncing my shoulders in a pre drop it like it’s hot type of way. You got me, it one hundred percent has to something to do with a special new audible edible from the Amsterdam Bass shoota Ayonikz! First and foremost, we want to wish a big ol’ happy belated birthday to the production wizard, he successfully managed another full Earth rotation. And how does Stef celebrate the day that he was brought to this everlasting, wonkified journey we call life? With a filthy new rendition of his infamous Kozik collaboration “Yoshi Skank” and the worldwide banger “Psycho Blockz” from England’s very own Subfiltronik! The new birth child was appropriately named “Yoshi Blockz“, a beautiful fusion of the two heavy hitting tunes. Now fans of each camp don’ have to feel like one tune was more important than the other!

     Friends! You’re allowed to be on Team Ayonikz and Team Subz at the same time 🙂 It’s not a crime! If you’re a fan of that knee jigglin’, hand wavin’, booty poppin’ Riddim, then I definitely suggest checking out some more of Ayonikz’ music! Some of his recent tracks were co-produced with monsters such as Emilian Wonk, Cybertron and Akira. But for a twist on the mechanoid side of life, we have a special new tune to share with you. Now presenting the “Industrial VIP“. If you really f*ck with the NoFuFu Gang, then you will smash that play button quicker than you can say “Thank you Dubstep“.

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– Zyven

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