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Ayonikz & Martz Said Look At My Neck

Take a quick look at your hands – are you sorting any rings right now? Hit that reverse button on your camera and take a look at your neck, are you wearing any unique pieces right now? A jade head necklace or even a special chain you picked up in Mexico on Spring Break? If you’ve always wanted to start wearing jewelery, let me tell you a little story about why you shouldn’t be afraid to wear what you want.

After living on this planet for twenty two years I started to question why I hadn’t ever acquired any nice rings to decorate my fingers, or sweet pieces to hang around my neck. I felt like I was at a point in my life where I could comfortably start dressing the way I wanted to – I realized that somethjng needed to change. That’s when I went to Okeechobee Music Festival with the mission of earning my rent money and enjoying my first experience at the infamous Southwest, Florida portal. (I was pretty broke during years one, and two, so I had to start new jobs right before the festival was taking place.) But I wasn’t going to let a paycheck stop me from having a good time in Florida.

What happened on the morning after the third  and final day of Okeechobee played a huge impact on the rest of my 2018 experience. Two baffoons from New Orleans came up to at 8 in the morning on the Monday following the final night of shenanigans and asked me if I was interested in any wire art. After ten minutes of back and forth negotiating, I ended up leaving Florida with the key to Okeechobee Music Festival. (This photo below is the best picture I have of the Key to Okeechobee at the moment.) Since that fateful, sunny March morning, I’ve unlocked dozens of hearts with the hopes that each one of those special folks will get to experience Okeechobee when the time is right!

As far as rings go. A few months later I took my first trip to the lavish and oh so beautiful Electric Forest in Western Michigan, where I wound up meeting cool ravers from all over the world, all the while discovering my new found passion of playing with copper wire. Ever since then, I’ve been making rings for myself, my friends, and the DJs I love and respect the most. Toadface has one, Oolacile and MVRDA have one, OG Nixin just left Charlotte wearing his new spicy pinky ring, and even Shiverz da Butcher destroyed Philly with his new Professor Gems pinky ring.

So when I read a special Facebook post that said “New tune with the g Martz is now up” and discovered the title was “Look At My Neck” I knew that I was in for a completely steezed out surprise. The Amsterdam legend Ayonikz really just uploaded a new single with the Israeli OG, and previous Charlotte Sessions Interviewee, Martz – I immediately expected this new tune tk be an immediate heater. Boy, was I right! If you want to feel like more of a boss than you already are, then you will certainly love bumping this special #NoFuFu and Wobblygbg collab! “Look At My Neck“!

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Look at my neck bitch!

– Zyven

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