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DJ of the Day (0017): Barron

Losing A Hero, Gaining A Legend

   Tonight we’re celebrating the life of one of the realest DJ/producer in the world of dubstep. Some people know exactly what they want to do from a young age; today’s DJ of the Day definitely had to be one of those people.

A few years ago he wrecked the dubstep scene by releasing his heavy hitting, bass blasting jams through Firepower Records at the young age of 19. His name is Jordan Roche, but most people call him Barron, one of the gnarliest DJs to come out of Baltimore.

    You know that hyper kid that was always talking in class; or the quiet guy who was always really into computers; even that friendly guy who in high school who wasn’t scared to show the world his passion for music? All three kids usually end up being a DJ, at least that’s our theory. But we don’t think Datsik would take any ordinary 19 year old into his label; Barron must have been a pretty cool guy, definitely the third option above. We never got the chance to see him kill shit live, but based off the look on every raver in the crowd’s face, they seem to be having a blast, they’re lovin that grimey Barron sound.

     To show their support and love for this incredible musician, Firepower put together a collection of Barrons finest songs; please help celebrate Jordan’s life by sharing a song off Rest In Paradise with someone you know, and SHAKE. YOUR. ASS. OFF.

Also, Jordan’s parents recently started a memorial fund in his name to aid organizations helping people fight addiction within Hartford County Maryland, if you would like to help make a contribution, you can donate here:

     Barron, you will never be forgotten.


Next Week We Will Be Posting Different Tracks From Barron’s Collection On Our Twitter, Celebrate His Life With Us @CLTSessions 

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