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Unexpected and pleasantly abrupt, just at the peak of the most chaotic day I think I’ve ever experienced, I stumbled upon an incredibly talented upcoming bass engineer’s most recent track titled “Alpha”.

       Released on the always scorching underground label Dead Cell Audio, the Denver native BASSGALAXY, brings us a fire new tune that quite literally will have you bouncing and raging at the same time.

       Muffled and bright, a detuned music box exhales an uplifting and nostalgic melody which, isolated only briefly, is then surrounded by a series of airy, passionate melodic utterances. Detuned chords then meet with a tasteful drum fill and an introduction to that fantastically heavy dubstep kick/snare pattern we all know and love. Bringing the melody to an abrupt halt, a delightfully epic bass horn floods the realm with gripping anticipation and sets off a rapid energy increase where computer noises swarm ominously as a much more condensed build up launches the tune into a brilliant series of satisfying fresh-off-the-spaceship plucks and bass growls that carry the listener into a bass faced jam session.

       As I slowly unpacked each audial component of the track, I began to realize how much of a gift music is- (particularly of the bass variety, though the whole also applies)-  and started to humbly step back and reconsider my many blessings. Too often we travel throughout our existence, drifting without notice into an abyss of complacency. We neglect or leave unnoticed the little things and ignore the fact that each inquisitive and wandering spirit possesses the ability to communicate and exchange perspectives through impossibly complex mosaics of sensory stimuli. We exchange creative essence through various medium forms and are able to relate to one another as well as attempt to understand another’s perspective. That in itself is something to be thankful for.

       On this day, I was able to apply my interpretation of BASSGALAXY’s art to a legitimate experience, and thus benefitted positively from a song with very few understandable words. This just goes to show an example of the talent the bass artist BASSGALAXY certainly possesses. If you appreciate original sounds, confident flow, and honestly just high quality bass music, “Alpha” is most definitely worth a listen.


       I would feel like I did you a disservice if I didn’t at least mention the other BASSGALAXY tune that I found particularly filthy and inventive. About a month ago, the Denver-ite dropped yet another monster of a tune. This time, the upcoming talent offered a much more revealing display of the pure skill behind the BASSGALAXY alias. I’ll let you listen for yourself, but trust my word when I say you’ve never heard a bass tune like this one. Go check out the filthy extraterrestrial trap single “Unfamiliar“, and while you’re there, give his other tunes a listen as well! I can guarantee you wont be disappointed!

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– Tristan


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