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Bassheads Have Feelings Too?

Recently my taste in electronic music has been favoring production that incorporates strong melodic foundation while also delivering that heavy low end I’ve grown so akin to. I don’t refer here to melodic intros that simply lead into filthy drops, but more-so tracks that incorporate the gripping emotional context of the whole within the drop as well. As I write this, the electronic community is quite literally bursting at the seams with incredible works of art, but I just wanted to shine some light on a couple artists I feel have done exceptionally well at driving home not only the most robust of basses, but intensely authentic emotions along with them.

     The first track I’ve included has been on constant repeat in my earholes for the past couple of weeks, and I think it exemplifies the type of music I’m referring to remarkably well. For me, this track embodies the intense emotions felt when loving unconditionally. At the foundation of this track lie captivating melodic atmospheres and heavy synth/bass tirades which remain in close proximity to one another at all moments, brilliantly fabricating the whirlwind of emotion that love can often feel. The engineer behind this extraordinary track is 19 year old bass engineer from Sydney Australia, Heimanu Pitt. Though Heimanu is just 19, his sound is much more developed than you might expect. With the clearly evident design quality in “Leave You” and a whopping 96.5k streams on his recent remix of RL Grime‘s “UCLA“, the young Australian is quickly proving his aptitude for electronic production & artistic depth. Join me in watching for what he’ll do next… because I can assure you it’s going to be incredible.

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     Though Hex Cougar is no newcomer to the EDM community, I couldn’t resist adding his most recent track “Silence” to today’s selections. Before even pressing play, I had huge expectations for this song. After the first listen, I could immediately assure you, Hex blew those expectations clear out of the water. The track begins with around 20 seconds of this peculiarly ominous, bright yet dark, soul gripping arpeggio that seems to tell the entire story of the journey before it even begins. As the soft, airy, hypnotic voice of Sara Skinner begins the track’s ascent, fastening even more firmly the captivating emotion of this track, Hex incorporates one of my favorite drum builds in this genre right now. Once the drop hits, it’s somewhat unexplainable what happens. The emotion this veteran producer is able to drive throughout the entirety of the track, most significantly within the drop, is absolutely unique and, unlike a lot of bass music today, will certainly retain its musical value as time goes by. The track’s rhythmic movement seems to be so much more impactful because of the melodic movement swaying along with it. All I can say is my hat goes off to Hex Cougar for his impressive artistic professionalism and to Sara Skinner for her outstanding vocals.

     This next track isn’t exactly what you might think of when you hear the phrase “basshead, but I wanted to feature “Alone” by So & So because it has successfully brightened my mood more times than I can count, and I thought maybe it’ll do the same for you. I honestly can’t ever imagine this song getting old. Hopefully whoever may be reading this can find some of the peace I found with it, and remember that no matter how it may feel sometimes, we’re never ever alone in this crazy, chaotic, and beautiful mess of a world we live in. There’s people you don’t even know that are thinking about you, rooting for you, & praying that you find joy, peace, and comfort in any storm you might find yourself in.

       Next up we take a trip overseas to Denmark, where the highly talented industrial producer Voliik continues to release heavy electronic tracks that utilize emotional tension both melodically and through highly potent sonic textures. Stumbling across the producer’s “Raise Your Weapon” remix and the remaining tracks before it, I soon realized Voliik’s incredible ability to create impressively jarring synths/basses, strangely satisfying glitches, intriguing/high energy atmospheres, and heavily moving rhythms. It is with all of these things that the artist conveys such intense, epic, and riveting emotions behind a veil of beautifully disgusting sound design. The remix below is titled “Opus“, and some might call me insane but personally I enjoy it far more than the original. Imagine film score music, except you’re at a rave and you can’t help but go absolutely mental when you stumble along the second drop. The movement and energy is truly incredible and I can honestly say, Voliik, I do not think the remix could’ve been done better!! Bravo !!

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     The final track I wanted to add is the absurdly filthy, yet emotionally pressing, “Another Day” by L.U.X. From the first couple of seconds, L.U.X. successfully locks in the track’s emotional context and carries it through for the entire piece. Utilizing a compelling harmonic progression found in the drive of a few well-designed melodic plucks and a passionate vocal melody, the tone is quickly set. Building quickly and dropping heavily, a fantastically disgusting flow begins, and though remotely void of emotion to start, at about 1:14 the melodic pluck comes in to add an even deeper emotional/rhythmic movement to the track. It’s this part that makes this track so unique to me. As humans, we are innately moved more heavily by melodic progression and contextual stories, that- though many could argue this day & night- simply cannot be delivered with just noise.

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– Tristan

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