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Bassline Business Celebrates 2 Years of Raging With Mala, Jakes & Joker

      It doesn’t take much to get me excited over a visit to Washington DC – if the event looks fun, I’ll be there. But this might be the first time that my mouth started watering over a lineup. As I looked over the flyer for Bassline Business’ 2 Year Anniversary featuring Dubstep legends, Mala, Joker and Jakes, I couldn’t help myself but think of the history lesson that myself, and many Dubstep fanatics have been looking for. If these names seem a bit unfamiliar to you, it’s because these were the kings ruling the decks way before personal favorites like Cookie Monsta, Datsik, and Excision started gaining traction in the heavier Dubstep scene. But rest assured, these boys have been in the game for the long haul, and on June 6th, the East Coast will three pieces of the hype all under one roof. Get ready folks, because the U Stree Music Hall is bound to be our home for one glorious Dub-packed, wobbly evening.

Mala is one of the co-founding members of the hit duo, Digital Mystikz, a London based team who put forth great hits such as “Anti War Dub” and “Shake Out Your Demons.” Mala is known for putting forth a deep, mystifying, soulful experience that will have fans grooving on the dance floors and in their minds for days to come once the show comes to an end. Our Carolina buddy, Crowell, had the opportunity to catch a Mala show in person a few years back, and he had nothing but great things to say about the lad’s performance. Take a peek at his Boiler Room set to get an idea for what a Mala set might feel like.

Joker has always carried a large name for himself in the underground Bass Music scene. He learned his quality production skills in a city known as Bristol, just under two hours West of London. Joker has been running his Kapsize Records label for over ten years now; now in his second decade of producing music, it can be said that Joker has amassed some of very popular hits such as “Snake Eater,” Purple City and “Midnight.” Click play below to watch Joker and Jessie Ware perform their hit collab “The Vision.”

     Last but not least, we have another fantastic producer from Bristol making his way to the U Street Music Hall to bring forth his filthy style of Dubstep for the masses to enjoy. The first time I heard a song by the UK Legend, Jakes, played out in a live setting was when Yheti took it upon himself to mix Riddim for ten straight minutes at last year’s Nightmare Music Festival, where he naturally threw Jakes’ single Rhythm into his performance. You could hear fans throughout the crowd hissing the names “Jakessss” in excitement. The don has produced other heavies such as “Somebody Say” and “Brimstone.” As a matter of fact, Jakes actually released two new singles titled “Gun Talk” and “Fear” just yesterday. So you can surely expect to hear these bad boys at the Bassline Business show coming up on Wednesday.

   I’m also very excited to catch many of the opening acts perform for the very first time. Jared from Choppy Oppy was kind enough to lend me a pen at Nightmare Festival, which helped me accomplish more goals than he could imagine. Other opening acts include the likes of Richmond’s Inyoka and Korin Complex as well as Baltimore’s Nixsin. This is going to be a killer night folks – don’t miss out this serious dose of Bass Music!

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