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Bassnectar Announces New Years Show in Atlanta

   It’s been almost two months since the infamous Basscenter X event took place in Hampton, Virginia, and it’s safe to say that the Southeast is in desperate need for another Bassnectar curated special event. If you’ve ever been to a Bassnectar special event before (Freestyle Sessions, Basslantic, Basslanta, etc), then you know about the special intimacy that Lorin tries to provide for his guests, and he typically goes extra hard for these types of performances. I’m excited to share a very unique New Years Eve throw down with all of you! Bassnectar is taking his talents, and incredible stage production to A-Town this year and it’s bound to be a very strange evening. For some reason Bassnectar does really well in Georgia. It could be the fresh air, the food, or the beautiful women, but something in the Peach state makes the California based producer go extra hard. Basslanta was possibly one of the most exciting sets I’ve ever witness from Lo, and I can only imagine what his set on Dcember 31st will feel like.

 Most importantly, Bassnectar NYE is taking place at the very same venue where Basslanta happened, the Georgia World Congress Center, and he’s bringing some topnotch, mind bending producers who are bound to give you the best run for your money before Lorin takes us to another universe. We’ve got the likes of What So Not , the Australian mastermind who behind Divnie and Conquer,” the trippy roots of London’s OTT, and the distinct sounds of Bay Area’s very own PhutureprimitivePlease don’t be a sheeple and miss out on this magnificent show. I hope to see you all there. Trust me when I say that Bassnectar will have the gnarliest Ball drop of 2018, in the entire world. Or at least in Atlanta! Stay tuned, because there’s a lot more goodies planned around this incredible night that we will soon share with you!

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