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Bassnectar Causes Problems in Commerce City, Colorado

     With a population of roughly 50,000 people, who would think there would be a neighborhood, or several, within in Commerce City, Colorado who wouldn’t appreciate the incredibly loud bass emitted at this weekend’s annual Basscenter event, featuring the one and only Lorin Ashton, also known to millions as Bassnectar. This is nothing like a Seth Rogen “Neighbors” situation, where the comedian is constantly kept up by the loud parties that fraternity house neighbors Dave Franco and Zac Effron throw on a regular basis.

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     No, this is more like families up to four miles away from the Dick’s Sporting Goods Park could feel their homes shakes due to the incredibly loud nature of Bassnectar’s music. It seems that they weren’t so appreciative of the insane wubs & dubs and melodic tunes that Nectar prepared for this Colorado Spectacle. Ladies and Gentlemen of Commerce City, we have a few suggestions on how to prepare yourselves for Basscenter 2017

  1. Take a trip to Denver for the weekend.
  2. Listen to all of Bassnectar‘s music and cop yourself a pair of tickets and a camping paa.
  3. Head down south for a few days and spiritually find yourselves.

Residents several miles away complain about concert noise at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park

We have one more thing to say about these families complaining.


1 nectarrr

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