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Bewildered Productions’ New Album Features Chibs, Tantrum, MOTUS, Crowell & Many More!

  It’s finally here folks. I feel like the world should celebrate whenever a record label puts out a huge project that features a massive group of top notch producers from this beautifully gruesome intergalactic scene that we call Underground Dubstep. Today, we’re taking the time to commemorate a certain heavy weight label for releasing volume five of their infamous Be Bewildered series. A big round of internet applause to the folks over at Bewildered Productions for putting forth such a huge project! I’ve never felt like I was fighting ghouls in a dungeon, battling cyborgs in the Wanderland, or floating through space doing my galactic wobble move all in the same hour. I guess it just goes to show that variety in music is one of the many keys to happiness, and an eternal creative imagination of course. Needless to say, you all are going to absolutely love the artists that make up this project: CHMST, Flix, Crowell, Motus, Subfiltronik, Chibs, SHRQ, 5ohman, Ayonikz, Tantrum, Stokes, Nexu5, and so many other incredible producers pulled their talents together for this insane project. With over 20 great tracks, headbangers, waistbenders and wobble monsters alike will have lot to choose from. And now, my favorite part of the article. I want to take some time to highlight a few of my favorite tunes off Be Bewildered Volume 5!

Tantrum – “Decimate”

I cannot even begin to explain how much this man, Shawn from Louisville, better known by his supporters as Tantrum, inspires me on a daily basis. His positive attitude and absolutely, atrociously spectacular take on Dubstep music truly amazes me, and I’m really glad to say that I’ve been able to witness this decimation in a special show in the heart of Columbus, Ohio. This one isn’t for the feint of heart. Get armed, get ready, a Bass war is coming your way.

CHMST – “Twisted Dub”

If you guys know anything about me, it’s that I absolutely love jamming some horrifying CHMST tunes. To most people, the Portlander’s music might just sound like typical Dubstep music, but after catching this man single handedly destroy the confines of Pontiac Michigan’s Elektricity with one of the most frightening lighting displays I’ve ever witnessed at a Bass show, I can surely attest to this man’s knack for creating those insane sounds that you’ve always been searching for. I was lucky enough to capture a video of “Twisted Dub” before it released – hit the play button below if you want to see something nutty.

5ohman – “Murder”

I will never stop being impressed by the Belgian mastermind, one of the youngest and dopest creators in the bass-o-sphere, the newfound member of the Monsters crew, 5ohman. His new tune titled ” Murder” makes for the perfect Deep Dub Reggae themed jam designed to keep you wobbling at any moment of the day. If you take away anything from this article, remembered that: 5ohman is the past, the present, and the future.

SHRQ – “Dinoco Flow VIP”

Earlier this week, I managed to catch a few minutes of Emilian Wonk’s live stream of some special show that was taking place in Belgium. Except it wasn’t really a video of anyone DJing, moreso a look at the outdoor turn up that he, the don Ayonikz, and the french Riddim chef SHRQ, were all experiecing. The wobbly ravers of Europe truly know how to have a good time. The point of the story? SHRQ can out drink Emilian and Ayonikz like it’s nobody’s business, and he’s just fairly eighteen year old. This tenacious and forward persona carries over into SHRQ’s music – you’re going to love the style behind the VIP of his hit single “Dinoco Flow.”

Griefer – Moon Puddle

Quite possibly one of the raunchiest producers to come out of San Francisco, mans like Griefer is an expert at creating those wonky sounds capable of knocking anyone down to the deep Bass abyss…. before bringing them up for a redemption bounce session that will be remembered for years to come. Don’t you worry my friends, his fresh heavy hitter, “Moon Puddle“, is only one among many incredible Griefer tunes that exist on the interweb. Enjoy!

Folks, the new Be Bewildered Vol. 5 project is now available on Beatport if you’re interested in grabbing these tunes forever. Huge congratulations on the new project Bewildered Productions!

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Bravo to the Underground!

– Zyven

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