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Bear Grillz Tour Hits Charlotte on 11.25!

   How excited can a young lad get about a grown man in a bear costume coming to the East Coast for a nasty Dubstep tour featuring some of the baddest producers in the scene? Like spit your milk out, Nectar just dropped some Riddim, get accepted into Grad School excitement. Mark your calendars folks because Colorado based producer, and Firepower Records freak, Bear Grillz is hitting the road! The American Freakshow Tour will feature the likes of Australia’s very own PhaseOne, and my greatest rival in the Dubstep scene, another talented producer from the lands of Colorado who goes by the name of Dirt Monkey, in addition with Lost Lands veteran, Kompany.     I’m stoked about this tour because Bear Grillz was one of the first producers I’ve ever taken photos during the starting phases of The Charlotte Sessions. We’ve both grown a tremendous amount since the first time I caught him live at Datsik’s Ninja Nation Tour in 2015. After meeting him in a casual manner, before he revealed his true identity (back when keeping the secret alive was a thing), Bear Grillz has become one of my favorite producers, performers, and all around human beings. This tour is hitting all corners of the States, but most importantly its hitting the Underground in Charlotte on November 25th, 2017. If you enjoy heavy Dubstep, incredible opening support such as PhaseOne, Dirt Monkey and Kompany, and overall having a good time, then you should most definitely catch the American Freakshow tour at a city near you. See you all in the Freakpit! (Stream Bear Grillz, This is Your Brain on Dubstep EP, Here).


The Charlotte show is this weekend people! Dirt Monkey will not be joining along unfortunately, because he’s having a little Scorpio baby! Good luck with that one Patrick. See you all at The Underground! Live Long and Bear On!

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–   Zyven

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