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Beware: Blankface and Gram Greene Set to Destroy Washington D.C.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you are a true fan of the sounds that eminate from most Riddim Dubstep producers, and you live anywhere within the infamous DMV region (DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia), then you’re in store for an absolute treat. It turns out that one of the best acts of Valhalla Sound Circus will be making his way to the nation’s capital with non other than the Charlotte Sessions favorite videographer in the world. If the names Blankface and Gram Greene don’t ring a bell, don’t fret – these guys are certified neck breakers and hip shakers. On Thursday, October 24th, sleepygurl presents, will show the East Coast just exactly what a filthy Riddim Dubstep show is to be supposed to feel like.

While I haven’t had the pleasure of attending a Sleepygurl Presents show myself, after meeting the head honcho of the prominent, northern based concert curators, I can certainly tell that she will host an unforgettable audible journey for all headbangers and wobble wizards alike. I was blessed enough to experience a back to back performance between Blankface and the intergalactic legends, Da Force, at this year’s edition of Valhalla Sound Circus. It was one of the most destructive displays of Riddim that I have ever witnessed – count yourselves blessed that Blankface will be tearing down the Tropicalia Lounge in the matter of just a few short days. I added the video below so that you can get a little preview of what a Blankface performance will look like, but here’s one of sleepygurl’s favorite tunes by the Los Angeles marauder – “SLIP N SLIDE

I never thought that I would spend so many precious days of my early 20s with a huge variety of insanely charming and special folks from the Garden state. I’ll never forget hearing all the hateful speech about the great state of New Jersey while I was growing up – mainly because of the TV show Jersey Shore. But it takes unique individuals like my brothers and sisters Gram Greene, WARNED, Psydubz, Brennan, Jake, Danny, Lefferts, Professor Simp, Kimberly, and a whole bunch of beautiful folks from the most densely populated state in this nation to prove society wrong. But Gram Greene has been on a whole other level since I met him back in 2017 at his Washington D.C. debut. I took such a liking to his charisma and attitude that I ended up booking him for his North Carolina debut back in March of 2018. But I digress. You will not regret catching a set by Mr. Gram Greene – and hopefully the footage below will prove it. Also, the boys from F Chat will be taking over the building before all the GramFace action is set to take place (time to get, REALLY weird.) You can Purchase your tickets Right Here!

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– Zyven
 (The Riddim Professor)

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