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Big Tooth Records “Rebirth” Compilation Album is Pure FIRE

I’m not quite sure what I stumbled upon today – but I really like it, and I’m really glad I discovered it sooner than later. Here’s the story. There’s a small group of people in Montreal, Quebec who run and organize a prosperous, heavy artillery record label known as Big Tooth Records, who are very adamant towards finding the craftiest up and comers in the Bass Music scene. Eight topnotch producers recently put forth their talents to bring about eight very uniquely crafted tracks for the new Big Tooth compilation album known as Rebirth. This music isn’t for the feint of heart – but even the most closed minded music lovers could find a personal favorite from this new project, because it’s just that diverse. Lev3l kicks off the album with a melodic introduction as he bring in a dimension of filth and despair after a 50 second tease of a heaven like ambiance before bringing out the nasty qualities that make Oblivion the true Riddim banger it was meant to be, before Los Angeles based alien PEEKABOO comes in with a gangster, lo-fi production that promotes one thing, and one thing only: Blazing the f*ck up in the stratosphere (P.S. “B.T.F.U.” is one of the filthiest tunes on the album).

It would be a damn crime not to say a little something about some of the other tracks that make this project so gnarly. Aweminus came through crashing in the city of Las Vegas in a Space Ship from the year 2127 for a nasty boom-bap technological outbreak, he must have been trying to escape from some scary cyborgs when he made “Respawn Dub.” The fifth track of the album features Montreal’s Bawdy showing off his talents as he ushers in every strange, grungy, intergalactic sound possible, mixed in with a beautiful guitar chord that adds just the right touch of serenity to the grotesque tune that is “South Side“. Up next is the tune that actually helped me discover this album – the one and only TOAST from Montreal has managed to baffle my words for once, because I can’t quite seem to figure out how to describe “I Just Don’t Give a F*ck” in English words. So I’ll try it in Spanish: Esta muy bacano, muy espacial, y muy raro – me gusta TOAST. At this point I’m just out of words overall. Izzy Vadim’s “Robot City” is on a whole other level, and I’m sure once you hit that play button, you might also agree with that claim. Be sure to check out the rest of the Rebirth project for more amazing music from Shake and Woofax! – and if you want to have it forever, you can download each tune for FREE! Just check the description of each tune and follow the instructions!

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