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Black Tiger Sex Machine & Kai Wachi ~ 2017 NC Review & Interview ~

      The last time we came to Cat’s Cradle to rock out for an evening was for an unforgettably saucy Run The Jewels concert in 2014. We finally had a good reason to come back to Carrboro, as one of our favorite live groups, Black Tiger Sex Machine was scheduled to play with Boise’s very own Kannibalen Records label mate, Kai Wachi. As we walked around the corner we got a peek of what the scene of ravers for the night looked like. There was a good mix of hardcore BTSM and everyday ravers alike; and there was also a large amount of country rock fans wandering around outside since there was another show next door. It was interesting seeing the crowds mix; but that ended qucikly once we got in the building as the dark underground bass vibes took over the lighting fast. This created a moody but thrilling environment that we couldn’t wait to party in. By the time we arrived, Asheville based producer Shuhandz was wrapping up his set. We heard a lot of great comments from the crowd saying that Shuhandz was a great add on to the show; considering we all thought Dabin was supposed to be playing that evening. (Word says he was playing a show with Snails in Montreal that very same night, who can blame him!)

     It was now time for Kai Wachi to take the stand. The half Hawaaiin Dubstep producer from Idaho, who has been known to wreck sh*t whenever it’s his time to shine, got on stage and greeted the crowd with a warm welcome before keeping the Thursday night vibes going. The visual set up was a simple logo that read Kai Wachi. While there wasn’t much going on as far as visuals for this 22 year old producer, the incredible music made up for it. His set consisted of high velocity, heavy hitting wobbles and Bass that made us melt from head to toes. Our whole crew was head banging from start to finish. He played several popular tracks such as Damage and TWI$T off his 2016 Skull Team EP which had the whole room gettin’ buck. The crowd went nuts when Kai played his newest hit Eminence off his newest EP that literally came out less than ten days ago titled Vision.

We took a few moments after the show to ask Kai Wachi a few questions to share with you! Our Charlotte Sessions supporters 🙂

What were some of your favorite tracks that you played for us tonight?

“Some of my favorite tracks of the night included The Melt by Trollphace and Rekoil’s remix of Mayhem’s Smoke and Mirrors. Allegedly Trollphace hates The Melt, but I like it ’cause it goes hard. I also really like rally enjoy that Rekoil remix because it has no drums for like 60 bars and it sounds really cool. I also played my remix of Dabin’s song Embers, my fans really like that one”

Mark from BTSM told us you’re part Hawaiian, where are your parents from originally?

“They’re originally from a city called Oahu. I was born in Boise, Idaho.”

What’s the rave scene like in Boise?

It’s.. It’s getting there. I’ve seen people like Zedd’s Dead and Excision at the Revolution Center though.

So are you partnered with Kannibalen Records or signed to them?

I’m actually exclusively signed to Kannibalen. I have been releasing music through them for years now.

Any new music coming out?

Some of my next new singles include two of my favorites called Grind and Blastin. Coming out this year.

What do you use to produce your music?

Fruity Loops Studio 12.

Last thing, who made the Kai Wachi Skull Face EP logo?

Our homie Joshua Pixin made it!

Thank you Kai!

     A wise man once said “If it can go wrong, it will.” We began to have camera issues right as Kai Wachi’s set began to end. But it’s alright, we’re taking it back to the good ol’ days where all we had was a Cool Pix camera. The set began with a crew taking down a set of covers that were hiding the special visual set up created by Black Tiger Sex Machine themselves. An eerie voice spoke through the microphone, introducing the group to better prepare everyone for the Music Is Our Religion Tour experience. The cover unveiled this “V” shaped platform where the guys had all their equipment set up. If you didn’t know, one of the things that makes BTSM so special is their use of electric instruments. Julian, the long haird Tiger slays the drum pads while Patrick does his thing on the midi keyboards. Marc does wonders on the mixer and meshes his musical ear cleanly with his bandmates. One thing that anybody can say about BTSM is that the guys work hard to show off their flowing energy. Check out this video by our dear friend Will Jackson showing the first 2 minutes of Black Tiger’s set.

     As a deep voice grunged… “Welcome to the BTSM church… Music is Our Religion” the music started rolling. Angelic voices that reminded us of a God of War video game started going off as the crowd shouted BTSM. When the beat finally dropped the crowd went bananas. People were jumping left and right for Black Tiger Sex Machine. The show was action packed from start to finish; actually there were very few melodic moments throughout the night. One thing we really like about BTSM is their diverse style; from crazy Future Bass tracks, to hardcore Dubstep bangers, to vivacious Dance Music hits. Our favorite performance of the night had to be when the guys started playing their single “Crazies” off their Church album. We distinctly remember the crowd yelling “They Can’t Tell You Shit!!!!”  Some other notable tracks that we heard throughout the night included a remix of Numbers, the VIP version of their hit collab with Dabin called Breakand one of our other favorites called Blood Moon. The boys played such a large variety of music, a must see live experience for certain. We had a chance to talk with the members of BTSM and ask them a few questions. Check out what they had to say below.

That was such an insane set, did you guys miss your North Carolina fans?

Very much so! This was such a fun show to play.

We heard a lot of different song throughout the night. Our favorite was definitely Crazies, what else did you guys perform throughout the night? 

We played several tracks off our Welcome to Church album, Armada, Numbers, Crazies; we played Time Warp by Bloody Beetroots (that one was fun). Man so many songs. Oh yeah and there was a remix of Break that we know the crowd really enjoys, we even did an insane edit for the Outro of the album.

How about your collab with Kai Wachi, Survivor?

Yes of course we played that one! We love that track.

So how would you describe the visual set up tonight?

There are so many ways you can describe the set up we have going on. We had a group of guys map out the video and lighting with the music on Ableton, its like a trigger system. We would describe these visuals as a crazy undeground drugged out rage rave. It’s just very unique.

We would agree with that description! Tell us about the people who helped you design the visuals.

Well actually, the guys who helped us design these visuals are also from Montreal; they did Beyonce’s visuals for her half time performance last year. So yeah we were pretty excited to work with them. Those guys are really into anime, and like Japanese related film. They like Akira a lot.

Akira as in the Riddim producer?

No, like Akira the Japanese movie. It’s from the 80s.

Uh-oh, that’s a new one for the list! Got any new music coming out soon?

Well we are releasing Hell Motel which is coming out in 3 Weeks. It’s very straight forward, in your face electro.

Well thank you guys so much for giving us the scoop! Good luck on the rest of your tour.

Thanks! And thank you Carrboro!

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–   Zyven

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