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Blankface Drops New Savage Tune “Pull Up”

   Every milestone you reach as a music producer calls for a celebration. How do most Dubstep producers celebrate the achievement of reaching the next 1000 followers, likes, or subscribers they’ve been working towards? By putting out some new music. Today we have a heavy tune from one of the main members of the Savages crew. Blankface recently hit 12,000 likes on Facebook, what better time to drop a serious new heater online than now? Pull Up starts off with a techno induced flow that quickly meets a series of nasty claps unleashing a massive scream right before a serious drop knocks you off your feet. I’m sitting here thinking, how come I haven’t been to a Blankface show yet? I’m calling for an East Coast Savage Society takeover in the near future. Whos with me? Don’t fret! You can listen to Blankface’s new single “Pull Up” by clicking play below! Lock and Load boys and girls, it’s about to get loud.

   What did you think of the new tune? If you played this as loud as possible through your monitors, what would your neighbors say? Would they get down or would they call the cops? Either answer is a good answer, that just means this track is truly that dangerous, hot Dubstep you were looking for. Make sure you hit that Free Download button and cop Blankface’s “Pull Up” today!

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