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Buygore Delivers Incredible New Fresh Blood Vol. 3 Compilation!

Who Wants More Dubstep?

       The fan favorite Israeli producer known as Borgore has been keeping busy with the recent release of the compilation album “Fresh Blood Volume 3” on the new Fresh Blood project started by the raunchy producer on his infamous Buygore Records.  The 14-track compilation brings unknown and underground dubstep into the mainstream featuring artists like Yakz, Algo, Al Ross, Aweminus, Haunta, Subtronics, and Subject 31. Can anybody say Riddim fest?

    While the release features many underground, progressively growing artists, it still embodies the signature sounds that Dubstep and Bass music has come to know over the years. The combination of uniquely crafted sounds found in Fresh Blood Volume 3 complement each other nicely – they create a wonky and consistently heavy vibe throughout the entire compilation. For this, I cannot complain. One of the most highly anticipate tracks, “Machine Gun Math,” by Philadelphia’s very own Subtronics, maintains his signature guns ablazing synths, disgusting growls, and foul basslines. Subtronics’ mixdown game is on point in this track and the samples used create an evil and aggressive vibe that is matched by the bass heavy drop.

Another notable track on the new compilation includes a release by seventeen year old producer HE$H along with the likes of Los Angeles based producer Al Ross, as they join forces to create an incredible new collab titled “TEX MEX.” I first heard this song during a SYNOID show back in August when it was just a mere dubplate  and my jaw was dropped to the floor. It takes a heavy approach to the riddim genre and uses a unique and wobbly sounds throughout the track that make this an immediate underground banger. Click the link below to stream the massive tune “TEX MEX.”

Another Los Angeles based producer by the name of Yakz has been making steady waves in the Dubstep scene – from his international anthem “Shut Em Down” collaboratively produced with Svdden Death to his new EP release on Fresh Blood titled Yaktivate,” 2017 seems to be going well for Yakz. The EP, which was released a little over two weeks ago, features five originals by the crazy producer, creating an immense amount of hype online and in the rave pits as well. It only makes sense for Yakz to have his own single on the Fresh Blood Volume 3 album. His banger is titled “Stay Drippy,” and its an absolute must for all fans of aggressively frightening Bass music. Stream the new single below.

     This goes without saying, but you have to check out all 14 tracks. There’s heaters by OGs like Mantis, Bommer and JPhelpz, as well as exciting new tracks by guys like AnswerDXaebor, Somnium Sound, and Helicopter Showdown. Overall the Fresh Blood Volume 3 compilation release is great for expanding the underground bass scene and giving talented, lesser known producers proper the recognition they deserve. It seems most major labels like Disciple Records, Never Say Die, UKF and now, Buygore, are adopting a sub-label to release underground and wonky music. To the entire compilation filled mind-melting tracks that will even have your grandma headbanging, click the link below.

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    SUBJECT 31!!!

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