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Boss Mode and Dirtysnatcha Release New HEATERS on DSP!


    Folks it’s been a long time coming since the St. Louis nightmare known as Boss Mode was set to release his  newest single on non-other than DirtySnatcha Promotions, one of the hottest labels for underground bass music in existence. I first met Adam Boss Mode Burch a few months back when I visited Knoxville, TN for the very first time to go see my mans Crowell. His newest single “One” is a mere display of the heaviness that Boss Mode is capable of creating. The tune starts off with a reggae medley before pairing up with an angelic voice and a series of heavy claps that allows for a smooth and seamlessly clean rise. I enjoyed the random  angelic piano keys that blended in with the raunchy, rough, Dubstep growls that have been perfected for “One.” In the blink of an eye, the drop hits you harder than that first Saturday morning whiff of dad’s breakfast cooking. The track ends with a group of kids clapping away as they shout “yeaaaaah,” with a smile, probably due to the immense amounts of bass they’ve just survived. Is it weird that this new freebie gave me the same feeling? I think not! If you enjoyed that tune by Boss Mode, then I definitely suggest you grab that Free Download, and your nearest boi because it’s time to headbang son.Also, be sure to Give Boss Mode a  Like on Facebook if you like what he does!


      It’s a joyous day, a few days ago, a member from the Riddim Facebook page uploaded a little snippet of  some fuego that he’s been working on. Soon enough this tune made it to SoundCloud to stirr up the Dubstep pot fast. Lee Bray, appropriately known by his producer moniker, Dirtysnatchashowcases the G side of Britain as he crafts this dark, mysteriously gnarly new track by morphing the sounds of UK rapper Big Shaq. Needless to say, this magical combo called for one hell of a great tune. The beats creeps in as the scatlike bars of the London based rapper as he shouts out “The ting go Skrrrrr,” before the beat kicks into play  the deep flow of UK rapper Big Shaq. I’ve heard a few renditions of this track, including a filthy version by Dion Timmer, but I’m loving the grinding, neck throbbing, aggressive sounds mixed in with the godlike piano keys in the background. If you don’t find yourself mumbling “Man’s not hot” and “Brap Brap! Skiddi bee bap bap!” by the end of the track, then Dirtysnatcha and I will personally refund you. But WAIT, “SKRRR” is actually available as a Free Download! Do yourself a favor and bump this bad ting till the sun goes brap! Make sure you give DirtySnatcha a Like on Facebook and show your support!

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