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Bristol Based Producer, Rygby, Releases a Deep New Single

     Have you ever sat around and thought what it would be like to bounce around in a submarine to some spicy, crunchy, and beautifully sauced up Bass music? Talk about the ultimate Deep Dubstep experience. Recently I came across a new wonkified track by a Bristol based producer who goes by the name of Rygby. This creative musician has a series of tracks released on labels such as Bare Bones, Version Collective and The Pack Recordings. While exploring the vast wonderland that is Soundcloud, I stumbled upon Rygby’s newest creation titled “B. Marine” which recently dropped on the infamous Belgian record label, Duploc,. “B Marine” is a tasteful example of the strange boundaries that Dubstep music is capable of creating; it’s one of those underground gems that needs to be turned up to the maximum capacity in order to reach that real level of Bass that Rygby wanted to achieve. Make sure you hit that play button below and spread the love to all your Deep Dub friends.

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