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BroMosapien Can’t Be Stopped (New Music Alert)

Would you agree with the idea that we have a lot of wonderful people to be greatful for in this universe? A few years ago I managed to discover an exceptional artist who goes by the name of BroMosapien, who at the time was studying at Appalachian State University. I came across the Facebook event page for some show he was playing in Boone with an artist named Samborghini and I was intrigued from the jump. While I didn’t get to go to that particular show to witness the wonky and futuristic vibes that emanate from his fingertips, I ended up meeting him at a barnhouse party in North Wilkesboro along with the homies Scotty and Leighann. I was finally hanging out at our buddy Cody’s neck of the woods witnessing all sorts of alien friendly dub combos – I honestly don’t think I could have picked a better first visit to the woods of Wilkesboro. But back to BroMosapien. He has, without a doubt, evolved tremendously since that intimate friends and family show in 2017. Rest in paradise to the infamous Question Mark ? events, and thank you for allowing to experience and formally discover such a great producer.

Here’s a good question for you folks. Have you heard some of BroMosapien’s most recent ridonkulous sounds? You’re in luck because this guy has been putting out some absolutely incredible tunes lately. I would even go as far as calling these tunes gems because of how special and illuminating they are.

“Take It Back”

I’m really proud to say that Andy allowed us to release this special creation on our Charlotte Sessions Audio label for our New Year celebratory project, a Mission to Mars. Right from the get go, we are taken to a secret underground labyrinth where we hear a mysterious voice from what I can only imagine is a some sort of alien goddess. She’s reciting some lyrics that she has been waiting her whole life to croon to the chosen ones (that’s us). Soon enough, the tempo starts to rise as we make it closer to the center of the labyrinth, and we make first contact with this special extraterrestrial being who wants nothing more than to show us the sounds of her people. “Take It Back” is quite the enigmatic tune, but its flow makes me want to dance and explore this newfound lair to the fullest. By the end of the song, we have reached the point of ascension and are now making our way to the foreign being’s home planet. It’s crazy what a few sounds are capable of doing to us.

Let’s take a moment to also appreciate this very special moment in BroMosapien’s career when the madman Mersiv dropped his “Heavy Weight” remix at Okeechobee Music Festival! Look at all those people bouncing around – now that’s what I call one heck of a successful memory!

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– Zyven (The Riddim Professor

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