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Bukez Finezt is Back With a Treacherous New Single!

Uh oh! Did we just get word that a new Savage Society compilation album was is the works? Yes folks this zesty new album is set to hit all online shelves this December! The boys and girls over at Savage Society Records have taken the time to work together with one of Germany’s most prominent Dubstep producers as he gears up to release his new single “Thuggery on the “Savage Selects V. 2″album.

     Bukez Finezt has proven himself to be a staple in the progressive Dubstep scene that Germany has to offer. For years now he’s been dropping explosive tunes such as “Silly German,” “Duck Trumpet,” Alien Cereal,“Phat Bitch” among many other serious bangers. This new tune features the wonky, bubbly and brain stirring sounds that Bukez is known for, but taken in a completely different direction. An angry punk’s voice comes in and shouts “When I come up we smack you!… Smash, smash, smash yo click!” as the drop takes off to showcase Bukez’ signature style. This track flows in various directions as the Cologne based producer bounces around through a series of distinct, wobble poppin’ sounds. Wake your girl up with this heater at 7:00 and see how she reacts. If she does anything but bounce and smile, kick her out, she’s not the one. Keep up the good work Bukez, hopefully we’ll see you in the United States soon!

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