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Canada’s Very Own Shobi Hits a HUGE Landmark

A few years ago, my friend from midwestern Michigan recommended that I check out a new project by one of his favorite Canadian producers named Shobi. I’m glad I listened. When I first heard his collaboration with Mohno on the Night Riddim EP, I was captivated by the strange synths and wonky flow that emanated from this banger. Fast forward to June of 2019 and I was traveling around Ontario getting to know as much of the province as I could during my short visit.

I soon wound up in Oakville, just a half-hour south of Toronto, and found myself collecting sand on some beach with Shobi. It was one of those special moments that would have never happened without the power of music. I’m proud to say that Shobi has recently hit the milestone of reaching 2,000 followers on SoundCloud, and with this milestone comes a brand new project on the Texas based collective, the Villainz. We now present you, 140 Arabian Nightz.

This project provides a close look at all of the sounds that have been evolving in Shobi’s mind for the past year. For those of you that don’t know, Shobi is of Pakistani descent – this EP features a variety of melodies and chords that can be heard in traditional music from his culture. I really like the combination of trap snares and violin that add some zest to the overall progression of “RIDHA.” On the other hand, true Riddim heads will find the flow and variety of strange sounds in “TRIAL” to be quite exciting. But I also find the guitar strums over the simple trap kicks and snares in “VINYL” to be quite soothing. You be the judge! There’s something for everybody on 140 Arabian Nightz.

A few months ago Shobi released his very first project with the Villainz known as We Want Shobi. This EP is filled with a bunch of bangers that have been making Riddim friendly clubs all around the world rumble since its release. You’re in store for a treat because this EP features some wobbly sounds by fellow underground sound benders such as Dizzy III from Houston on “Time” and Croogie from Buenos Aires. If you’re looking for some robotic sounds to keep your afternoon weird, then I definitely suggest bumping the We Want Shobi project as soon as possible!

My favorite tune off the project happens to be “Punjabi Riddim” because of the way it makes me want to stomp around and wiggle like some kind of weirdo. It’s almost like I got sent over to a market in Karachi to skank out to the sounds of Shobi with all the locals. We hope you’ve enjoyed these new sounds by the Canadian rising star – expect nothing but greatness from Shobi this year! Ps. Here’s a bonus tune for all you Riddim heads.

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– Zyven (The Riddim Professor)

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